Last-Minute Halloween Pumpkin

Kate here again from Candidly Kate.

Am I the only one that totally procrastinates holiday decorating? Holidays┬ájust sort of sneak up on me. AND….as an apartment renting person, I have a hard time wanting to store boxes and boxes of decorations.

Well, if you are anything like me, these little pumpkins are the perfect thing. You most likely already have all of the supplies, and they require no storage! Take them down and redo them next year with little effort. How is that for the perfect holiday decoration?


If you have to purchase any of the supplies below, I sure hope it is the fabric! If not, you have bigger problems on your hands…


Set your toilet paper roll in the middle of your orange scrap fabric with the right side of the fabric facing the ground.


Start tucking the fabric into the middle of the toilet paper roll (or have your two year old do it!)


Continue tucking…


And a little more…


Until the entire roll is covered. Then grab your smaller green scrap of fabric and fold it a few times and push it into the center of the toilet paper roll.


And that’s it! Quick, easy, and super cute!


Now go on and dig through your bathroom cupboards to see how many extra rolls of toilet paper you can spare!

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