Color Blocked Mani

For supplies you’ll need:

-3 different colors of nail polish

-*Nail tape (can be found online or in a beauty store – of it’s you’re feeling super DIY you can cut up scotch tape)

– Quick dry top coat (optional)


*I recommend pre-cutting the tape into several pieces ahead of time, about an inch long apiece.


1. Beginning with a blue basecoat (I used Ulta’s ‘Bam-Blue-Zied’) paint two thin coats and let dry completely. If you’re crunched for time a quick-dry top coat will speed up the time in between steps.


2. Arrange the nail tape to make random triangles on each nail. The tape needs to reach completely across the nail bed and have a little hanging off the side. This way you’ll get the cleanest lines and also have something to grab when it’s time to remove the tape.


3. With your second color (I used Essie’s ‘Lapis of Luxury’), fill in sections of the taped-off nail. I alternated between filling in the triangle and filling in the two outer shapes on every other nail.


4. Next will be to fill in the remaining shapes with your third polish color – I went with Essie in ‘Ballet Slipper’. Now whip that nail tape off of there before everything dries for a clean and perfect line.


5. Finish with a top coat and enjoy your lovely mani!


Thanks for reading. If you give this a try or create a similar look I’d be so happy to hear about it, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter. I’d love to see a pic!

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