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Can you believe Thanksgiving is just over a week away?  It feels like we were Trick or Treating yesterday!  While I’m usually anti-Christmas anything in November, I’ve turned over a new leaf.  Very appropriate for fall.  😉  So we’re having Christmas Cookie Swap!  

I knew I wanted to do my own snail mail exchange.  I had so much fun with the other exchanges I’ve done this year.  And getting a package in the mail is THE BEST!  Cookies seemed like the best choice.  So I got a few friends together and we’re having an online cookie swap party.  My Christmassy co-hosts:

I just super heart these girls.  They all have great blogs and if you’ve never stopped by before, you really should.  You’re missing out.  
So here’s the deal if you want to party.  Click the sign-up button below, fill out the form, and pick your favorite Christmas cookie recipe.  There is a place to note if you have food allergies or dietary preferences in your house that your sender should be conscious of (your partners will have the same diet preferences as you, is possible).  Everyone will send their recipe to their assigned partner.  The person you send a recipe to will not be the same person you receive a recipe from.
By signing up you agree to mail a hand written copy of your cookie recipe to your recipient.  You also agree to make the recipe sent to you and share photos and the recipe in a blog post.  If you do not have a blog, you can still participate!  Simply send your photos, recipe, and thoughts on the experience to and one of the co-hosts will share your “post” on their blog.
Are you ready to start baking & get in the Christmas cookie spirit?
{Sign Up is open through Nov. 23rd at 11:59pm}

Swap Schedule Dates:


Sign Up begins Nov. 15th, 2012

Sign up ends Nov. 23rd, 2012

Participants will receive an email with their pairing info on Nov 26th, 2012
Snail mail recipes mailed to partner no later than Nov. 29th, 2012
Posts go live – Share the recipe you received & the cookies you made Dec. 13th, 2012
There will be link hop to check out all the recipes as well.


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    What a great idea. Much less costly and stressful than sending actual cookies. This Cookie Monster grandmother cannot resist cookie swaps of any kind so I have gotten myself signed up. Looking forward to a new recipe to bake. Thanks.

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