30 Before 30: The Final Tally

Tomorrow I’ll be thirty.

Which means I should probably take a look and see how this 30 before 30 list of mine turned out.


  1. Starting playing my viola a whole lot more
  2. Make over the dining room set
  3. Start eating more vegetables
  4. Finish my back tattoo  {I have one more session to go. I need some funds.}
  5. Home brew beer
  6. Go see Jen from Four Marrs & One Venus  {maybe in October? I find out on T’hursday}
  7. Learn to play pool better than I do now  {we need more date nights so I can play}
  8. Go to Las Vegas (see #26)
  9. Make a gallery wall
  10. Get my weight down to at least 185 pounds  {Did it, plateaued, made my new goal 165 pounds…working on it}
  11. Decorate a cake with fondant
  12. Sew myself an outfit and a dress – wear them
  13. Put together a real live cookbook – so I can quit pulling up my blog to cook  {I’m in the middle of this. I need to print out all my eCookbooks too.}
  14. Eat at a food truck  {I did it!}
  15. Go to a Muse concert  {March 16th at US Airways Center – there are no words!}
  16. Buy my own .com
  17. Be a red head again
  18. Have professional family pictures taken – so I can finally be in the picture too
  19. California Vacation (see #6)
  20. Pay off my credit cards  {Paid off one, mostly paid off another}
  21. Have a kick ass 30th birthday party  {Tomorrow is gonna be great!}
  22. Go to a wine or beer dinner
  23. Become really good at making Macarons  {Work in progress}
  24. Attend a blog conference  {I went to two!}
  25. Start saving for our trip to Scotland/Ireland  {Not sure when this is happening, all funds are being redirection to a house down payment.  Woo!}
  26. Get married (at least engaged) – yes, I’m ready to threaten Mike with this  {Why has this not happened yet?!?}  Mike and I got engaged December 24, 2013!!
  27. Design a photo index for all my blog posts {When I was on Blogger I made one using inlinkz & then revamped manually > tutorial HERE}
  28. Eat at a high end restaurant
  29. Build a light box  {I photograph during the day only now.  This set will come back to life when I have an office.}
  30. Buy a DSLR camera

21 out of 30 isn’t too bad.

Plans changed and some of these are still in the works, but a lot of my blogging biggies got done which makes me really happy.  I swear I’m getting to Cali ASAP to see you Jen.



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    You did a great job with your list! It’s great you set all those goals and then accomplished so many of them. Now just keep at it and you’ll have the others crossed off in no time 🙂

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    Happy 29th 364 day Birthday! I love your list and glad you are checking stuff off… I’m not saying how old I am but I would have a “few” more things to check off my list 🙂 Have a great day tomorrow – you deserve it!!!!

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    Congrats on making it so far on your list! What a great idea! I like it much better than a Bucket List which reminds me of death and that’s no fun and certainly not something that I want to put on my list! LOL! You accomplished quite a nice assortment of tasks too – Hey, if you make it to see Jen, I hope to see a music video from you both! She cracks me up! Have a fantastic, wild, fun, kick butt birthday tomorrow! Hugs, Leena

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    Awesome job on your list. I plan on making a 30 before 30 list as well. Have a few years to go but a lit is always a work in progress. Also congrats on your engagement.

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