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Who said they were going to lose some weight as one of their New Year’s resolutions?  I did.  Well, it’s part of my continuing goal to get down to 155 pounds.  Let’s get real about this – I’m going to tell you all how much i really weight.  I’m at the halfway point to my goal right now – 185 pounds.  I’m stoked I was able to drop 30 pounds since starting my 30 before 30 list back in July. I went into Christmas weighing 190 pounds.  I knew the holiday eating was going to be gnarly with 3 houses (see: full on meals and some wine at each stop) within two days.  I didn’t want to gain back the weight I’ve been working hard to lose.  Part of what’s made the baby weight (can I call it that almost 2 years later?) come off is changing how I eat.

Diet to Go - Healthy Eating Made Easy

On December 26th, I started eating Diet-to-Go meals for lunch and dinner.  I dropped the last 5 pounds to my previous weight goal.  The Diet-to-Go meals are pre-portioned, healthy, and best of all REAL food.  Now for those of you shaking your heads about diet food tasting good, put it on pause.  

I’ve never had diet delivery food before Diet-to-Go.  I was prepared for the worst – cardboard tasting, gainy food.  

The meals I got were nothing like that.  And, if you don’t take my word for it, take Mike’s.  He split two of the meals with me because they smelled good and couldn’t believe it was “diet food.”  Let’s take a little look see, shall we?

Day One


Lunch: Szechwan Turkey Burger with Carrot & Beet Salad


Dinner: Chicken Pizza with Broccoli and Crackers & Herbed Cheese


{That pizza was seriously so good!}
Day Two
Lunch: Turkey Chili with a Cornbread Muffin and Pasta Salad
{Mike tried to eat all the chili.  Greedy boy.}
Dinner: Penne Pasta in Turkey meat sauce with Carrots and Edamame
{That’s Mike holding the plate.  I barely got two bites in of this meal.}
Day Three
Lunch: Tuna Salad with Honey Whole-Wheat Roll and Citrus Salad
Dinner: Mushroom Ravioli with Root Vegetables
{I’m not gonna lie.  I had to push myself for this one.  I’m not a vegetable girl, especially mushrooms, but I was pleasantly surprised.}
Would you believe FedEx delivered all this ready to eat to my door?  Diet delivery could be the easiest way to eat healthy ever with the crazy schedules we run around here!  Trying to coordinate good meals for everyone can be hard.  
I cook most mornings before work so Mike can just reheat things – it’s the only way he “cooks” dinner.  Now knowing that he can just throw a healthy meal in the microwave gives me some more peace of mind when I’m working a double.  Not to mention I can take a meal to work with me and heat it up quickly instead of ordering pasta with cream sauce.  And the directions are super easy so you know exactly what to do to make your meal perfect.
EASY people.  There are three menus to choose from, Traditional (low-fat), Low-Carb and Vegetarian.  While I just had a lunch and dinner selection of the Traditional menu, Diet-to-Go does include breakfast in their menu plans.  How about the nitty gritty?  The commitment.
There are no cancellation fees or gimmick pricing.  There is no commitment or contract, and Diet-to-Go offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Diet-to-Go was recently rated #1 diet delivery company by Epicurious {and that’s saying a lot from those foodies}.  Diet-to-Go is also the most inexpensive fresh diet delivery service on the market.  Diet-to-Go doesn’t compare to nutrisystem because nutrisystem doesn’t ship fresh meals – they ship ship meals that don’t need to be refrigerated.
Get this:
According to a University of Washington study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, high-quality, healthy foods cost on average $18.16 per 1,000 calories – just for the ingredients! That’s why eating healthy with Diet-to-Go is such a great value. With Diet-to-Go, you can get a delicious variety of fully prepared, healthy meals for just $17.02 per 1,000 calories. And, everything you need is included. No shopping, no complicated recipes, and no messy clean-up – It’s like having your own personal chef. Best of all, it may be less expensive than trying to do it on your own.
Are you game?  Diet-to Go has a couple awesome deals going on for the new year.
  1. The 1,000 Meal Giveaway going on from January 1st to 8th.  Winners will receive one month or one week of free Diet-to-Go meals.
  2. Sign up on the Diet-to-Go website by January 8th and get 25% off ANY meal plan, just use coupon code NewYear2013.
If you’d like to learn more about all the Diet-to-Go options and share your healthy eating and weight loss successes check Diet-to-Go out on Facebook and Twitter.  Having great support network makes every challenge easier, and social media is a great way to connect with others who share your goals.  How are you realizing your New Year’s resolutions?
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    You go girl! I know you'll be able to drop the last 30. I'm trying to lose right now too {I'm 14 and over 160. GAHHHH.} but I haven't lost any yet. It's hard to though when I up my workouts each day, because I'm gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. I'm just concentrating on being healthy. It's all that matters. Anyways, congrats on the loss 🙂

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