Christmas Bake-a-Thon 2011

Baking is a holiday tradition for me. I’ve made cookie plates for my family and friends for the last 7 years. I only missed one year. Back in 2009 we moved into our house December 1st and Thing 1 was a 5-month-old. By the time Christmas came, the kitchen had just finishing being unpacked and I was now chasing my little man around the house. I skipped baking and I felt really weird not baking. Like alien abduction weird. 


My big men decorating the Christmas Tree

This year I’m rearin’ to go and I have my favorite kitchen helper standing on his chair helping me crack eggs and dump measuring cups full of ingredients into the mixing bowl. 

Some of these recipes I’ve been making for years and others are new. I always make a few of my go-to cookies and then add a couple new ones into the mix, rotating the cookie selection every year. I usually go on a two day baking binge and pump out 6-8 different goodies.  I hope you enjoy this years recipes.

I’m making Ginger Wafer Crisps too, but I’m not done with them yet and I think 6 recipes completed in the last 36 hours is enough to write you a post.  I’m having some hot chocolate (with some Bailey’s) and sitting down!
On a funner note, I took Thing 1 & Thing over to Nana & Papa’s house to decorate cookies with all the cousins.  Thing 1 had a great time!!  He bounced on the trampoline, went down the slide, drummed on metal chairs and he even found time to put sprinkles on cookies. 

What are you baking for the holidays?

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