Stitch Fix #4

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you’ve all been having a fantastic June.  It’s time for another round of human dress up doll {me} with Stitch Fix!  This month was a toughy.  There were some pieces that just weren’t me.  There were a couple pieces I had to have, but I couldn’t keep them all.  Let’s get to the goods!

Stitch Fix

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{I totally forgot to save my itemized list of clothing with prices, so we’re winging it!}

Here’s this month’s FIX.

Stich Fix #4.1

This Top was super light weight and great for summer.  The hem up front looked bunched up a bit, but otherwise it was an okay shirt.


Stich Fix #4.4

Light grey skinny jeans.  I didn’t even put these on.  I only wear skinny jeans in the winter with my boots.


Stitch Fix 4.6

I freaking heart this dress.  The fabric felt amazing.  It’s completely lined.  I love it was a cute cardigan.  It’s super fun to twirl in and it’s fabulous.  Not in the budget this month.  🙁


41Hawthorn dress $78

Stitch Fix 4.2

This cowl neck shirt was kind of cool.  The front and back fabric of the shirt were the same purple-ish color, but two different types of fabrics for a little variety.  The cowl neck is held folded in and kept in place with a cute apple charm weight.  I don’t see myself wearing it anywhere though.


Stich Fix #4.5

I am so SO happy this shirt showed up in this month’s fix.  I had been regretting not keeping this shirt from my first fix.  And now it’s show up in black.  Are you kidding me?!?  No question.  It’s mine!


Pomelo Black Stud Detail Top $58

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