Salmon with Angel Hair

Once of my favorite types of fish to eat is salmon.  It’s rich, smooth, and such a pretty color.  I may have an obsession with salmon nigiri, but that’s another day and another recipe.  Today I’m bringing you a nod to my days at Brio, Salmon with Angel Hair.  Oven roasted salmon simply seasoned a top a bed of angel hair in a light lemon cream sauce with some seasonal vegetables.  Simple, easy to make, and it puts dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less!

Salmon with Angel Hair | White Lights on Wednesday



Salmon with Angel Hair | White Lights on Wednesday


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    I never would have thought of pairing angel hair w/ salmon! In fact, I don’t usually have pasta with salmon. I’ll maybe do couscous, quinoa, or rice instead. But I like a lemon + olive oil + parmesan dressing on angel hair with some tuna and fresh herbs. Very easy!

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