Vampire Page Corner Bookmarks

I found these cute little book marks on Pinterest.  Shocking.  I know.

I was so excited to make them for Thing 1 because he loves to read. Alas, I realized my little monster would most likely tear up and abuse his new friend.  What do you expect? He’s two. But I love to read and my books deserve their own vampire page corner bookmarks.

Monster Page Corner Bookmarks

I made a vampire to go on my Twilight books. I had white iridescent paper lying around and thought “how à propos.” Isn’t he cute? I love it. I go open my book up just to see him and smile. I’m a nerd like that. Monsters not your thing? The tutorial has an adapted version for squared off, fancy page corner bookmarks too.

If you want to see the original monsters and make a few of these cute bookmarks for yourself (and everyone you know), click here!

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