Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

Hi everyone!  I can’t wait to show you how I got all crafty today.  So without further ado…here’s the Covert Robin gift I made for Becky from Belle + Bee.

the covert robin button
I have to tell you all when I first signed up for the Covert Robin gift swap I was dead set on making pot holders.  I had never made then before, but I wanted to make a quilted pair for who ever my giftee was.  I went to Joann’s and picked out 4 Fat Quarter prints that I adored and hoped my giftee would too.  Then I received my giftee email from Rachel at Imgaine Gnats.  I was creating a gift for Becky.  So I popped over to her blog to get a feel for who I had and what she might like…and to confirm pot holders would still be a good idea.  *Eeehhnnnttt*
Becky can totally embroider and sew and makes beautiful quilts.  There was NO WAY I has sending someone so talented my first attempt pot holders.  Now what to do?  I got to thinking, Becky’s blog is named after her girls, so why not tweak an idea I floating around that I saw for Becky.  Yes!

I had seen a cool way of using paint chips to make wall art pinned from The Remodeled Life.  I know next to nothing about paint chips, but the concept was good and I knew I could make it my own for Becky.  So off to Michael’s I went.  I only knew one thing, red was going to be the base for this project.  I found this picture on Becky’s blog of a dress she made and thought is was the perfect inspiration for my project.  

I found some scrapbook paper I thought worked together and order some red patterned washi tape from Pretty Tape on Etsy and got to creating.  I have to tell you, I had no idea about washi tape until I started this project back in March.  With all the hype it’s gotten lately I’m totally on trend.  That never happens.  haha!
Covert Robin 1
Scrapbook Paper Wall Art
1 – 8″ x 10″ wood picture frame
Medium grit sandpaper
White paint
Paint brush
1 – 8″ x 10″ piece of white card stock grade paper
1 roll washi tape
Little girls silhouette  {Google is great for this, but I included the one I used below}
Black sticker letters
3 pieces of scrapbook paper in coordinating print/solid colors
Balloon template {Google again}
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Sand down the picture frame to remove any lacquer/paint previously present.

 Covert Robin 16

Paint the picture frame with white paint.  
You made up to 3 coats depending on the paint you use.
Covert Robin 18
If you want an antiqued looked, use fewer coats of paint (above).

 Covert Robin 26

Next, print out little girls silhouette onto white card stock paper.
Print your silhouettes first or this could happen…
Covert Robin 3
Using the picture frame’s glass, trace a rectangle onto the card stock to cut out a paper size that will fit the picture frame.
Covert Robin 4
Covert Robin 5 
 Cut out paper using traced line.
Edge the paper in washi tape.
Covert Robin 6
Next to silhouette personal the paper, if desired.
{I wasn’t going to put anything with Becky’s blog name in this project originally.  However, since her blog name are her girls’ names I went ahead and added the monograms in.}
Covert Robin 7
See all the pretty papers I found at Michael’s!
Covert Robin 10
The blue filigree print one totally reminded me of the dress I saw on Becky’s blog.
I used that paper to influence the other paper choices.
Covert Robin 11
Print out your balloon template in two sizes – smaller and larger.
Trace the template onto the backs of your scrapbook paper – no lines showing for me thanks.
There should be 5-6 small balloons and 4-5 large balloons for each paper.
Covert Robin 8
Covert Robin 9
Cut out all the balloons.
Arrange the balloons into a bunch on the paper.
This will help you get a feel for where you will glue everything down, discard any balloons not needed.
Covert Robin 12
Layer your pieces from the top down and from the left side across – in a diagonal.
Remove balloon pieces and grab your Mod Podge.
Coat the back of each balloon piece with a semi-thin layer of glue.
Covert Robin 19
Covert Robin 20
Apply the pieces to your white paper, layering the same way as before.
Covert Robin 21
Okay class, everyone’s papers should look a little something like this:
Covert Robin 22
Take your ruler and draw lines from the balloons to the girls’ hands.
There should be 4 lines per girl.  One for each of the bottom balloons and one to a higher up balloon.
Covert Robin 23
And that’s it!
Frame your picture behind the glass and your gift is ready to go.
Covert Robin 27
I hope you like your present Becky!
And a big thank you to Rachel for setting the Covert Robin up.
I had so much fun with my project and I’m thinking about doing something along these lines for my birthday now too.
 As promised, here’s a little girls silhouette.
 Covert Robin


  1. says

    Julie, This is so stinkin' cute! I'm totally going to copy you and put one in my girls room. May I ask where you got the girls shilouettes? I really like the one you have, but I have a curly haired girl and I want one of them to represent her.

  2. says

    Thanks Laura! I want to make on for the boys, but I don't know if Mike would get on board. Haha. I googled “little girls silhouette” and went through pictures until I found one I liked…then I tweaked it a little with photo shop. I'm sure you could find two different silhouettes to put together to represent the girls.

    I seriously love all the pictures you put up. You're such a great photographer. I'm totally enlisting your services this fall for some new family pictures…if you'll let me. 🙂

  3. says

    Okay, thank you! I'll have to post it once I'm done so you can see.

    For sure! Just let me know when you're ready and we'll set something up.

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