Layered Ponytails

Layered Ponytails | White Lights on Wednesday

Hey Friends! Tessa from tessacotton here. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer and staying cool in this toasty warm weather. Here in the deep south it gets a little tiny bit sweltering so I’ve been looking for hairstyles that look cute and keep my newly cut hair off of my neck.

Going a little retro with this one – my mom used to put my hair into layered pigtails all the time when I was a little girl. This look is a simple and classic summer take on a low ponytail – all you need is a few rubber bands.

Layered Ponytails | White Lights on Wednesday

I always get a great hold with next-day hair. My up-dos always look better if I wash the day before, but spraying a little dry shampoo can give you the grip you need. A little hairspray never hurts either!

Divide your hair into 3 horizontal rows (across, not up and down). Starting from the top, gather the first section of hair into a tight ponytail. Add the section below into a second pony (making sure to get all the stray wispy hairs!) – finally, gather the remaining hair into a rubber band at the base of the neck.

Depending on how thick your hair is, you could get more or fewer ponytails in there. My hair’s pretty average, so three is a good fit. If your hair is curly, or super-fine, you can adjust accordingly.

Layered Ponytails | White Lights on Wednesday

Bonus: this is the perfect hairstyle to wear to the beach or pool – I’m wearing layered pigtails to the pool today, and my little one is rocking this number:

Layered Ponytails | White Lights on Wednesday

It’s amazing how still she’ll sit when they’re watching Frozen 😉 – looking ‘so bootiful’ in her ‘hubber bands’.

I’d love to see if you try this hairstyle out – hit me up on instagram or twitter and give me a shout out.

Happy July!


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