Striped Yarn-Wrapped Wreath

Do you love presents?  I do!  I found the funnest blog birthday idea ever this year.  Rachel over at Imagine Gnats put something together called the Covert Robin.  Basically you sign up, get paired up with a super secret give recipient, and then you make something for your giftee.  You don’t know who has you, only who you have, and you have know idea what is going to show up in the mail.  So exciting! My gifter was Cat from Stuff I Love.  And she’s here today to show you how you can the super happy spring wreath she sent me. Yay!



Hello All!  I’m Cat with Stuff I Love and I am honored to be guest posting today about
hosted by Rachel of Imagine Gnats.  I just adore gift exchanges and I have a bit of the crafting bug so I thought this swap would be great fun.  I was totally right.  
However, I had NO idea what to make!  I usually craft jewelry for my little etsy shop, but it didn’t seem quite right for Julie.  She has some amazing tutorials on this site, and I wanted her to have something bold and fun – but what?  I dabble in decor now and then so I headed to Michaels to see what I could find.  While browsing, I wandered into the yarn section thinking “well, maybe now’s a good time to try my hand at yarn-wrapped wreaths” and just fell in love with a skein of mint-green striped yarn.  A few minutes later I couldn’t take my eyes off a stalk of fuchsia flowers with hints of mint in the center.  And my project was born. 
I’ll be honest – striped yarn is NOT easy to wrap with (I started with a straw wreath form – but quickly realized I’d have to go flat), but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  It’s bright and spring-y which was my goal.  In fact, I’m kinda itching to get back to the craft store to make one  for myself!
I apologize that I didn’t remember to take more pictures of the process – but there isn’t much to it – just tie one end of yarn around the frame, wrap till it’s covered, hot glue the other end, then glue on the flowers.  That’s it!  
Thanks for stopping by!


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    I like this wreath, it's flat which is unexpected, and simple – which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the flowers without feeling like it was over-done.

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