My Favorite Finds: Countdown to Disney!

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Hi everyone!  My name is Carrie, and I blog over at My Favorite Finds.  I am so pumped to be over on White Lights on Wednesday today.  Just so you know a little about me-I don’t want to be a stranger to you :)-let me tell you.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, we have three children, and I blog in my “spare” time.  Over on my blog, I share recipes, menu planning, crafts, Disney travel tips, organization, and more.  I hope you’ll stop by and check it out!
You can find all sorts of joy and inspiration on My Favorite Finds.  Including…..
I’m so excited to be guest posting for Julie today as part of Grow.Swap.Share.  I’ve got Disney vacation on the brain, so I’m going to throw you White Lights on Wednesday readers for a loop today….no recipe, but how I made a simple, fun vacation countdown for our upcoming vacation.  I had made one for our family, and decided to make one for my in laws-who are also going along with us :).
Paint Chips
Bright Colored Markers
Hot Glue
Disney Themed Ribbon and Scrapbook Paper
Small clothespins
16×20 canvas
Glue Stick
1.  Put a dab of hot glue on the end of your ribbon and attach it to the back edge of the canvas. Run it width wise, to the other side.  Dab some glue on the other end and attach it.  Continue this until you have five rows of ribbon.
2.  After you’ve glued your ribbon rows on, you’ll want to lay out your paint chips.  I had to cut mine down a bit, but I got six per row.  This gave me 30 days, which was perfect to start counting down from. 
3.  I glued the paint chips back to back, so I could write on the other side.  Each night, one of our children pulls the card off, turns it over, and reads a fun Disney fact.   
4. From this point, I cut apart my scrapbook paper so there was the face of each character.  I glued these to the corner of each paint chip, sort of off center.  Beside the character face, I wrote the number.
5.  To finish it off, I attached each paint chip to the ribbon with clothespins.  Hung it on the wall with some command strips, and we’re done!  



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