Four-Layer Chocolate Cake

Hi everyone!  Today I’m guest posting at Endlessly Inspired for the amazing Jenn.  She’s off on a fabulous summer vacation, and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to share more than the cake I made for my mom’s birthday this year.

Four-Layer Chocolate Cake 1

I don’t always have the easiest time shopping for my mom.  Yeah there are a bunch of things I can pick up and say that she’d like, but my favorite thing to do is cook for her.  She gets a night off from the kitchen and I can make her a killer cake to go with dinner.  This year, I took the family over to her house, and made one of my all time favorite dinners.

Mom's Birthday Dinner 1

Mom's Birthday Dinner 2

I made the most delicious Cilantro Cream Chicken from Mom’s Test Kitchen and Loaded Sweet Potato Salad from Ari’s Menu.  You may never want to go back to regular loaded potatoes after having this dish.  It’s so freaking good.  I kept stealing bites all night long…even after I was too full.  The chicken was totally delicious.  If I had the time I would have let it marinade much long to really get the flavors in there, but the chicken was juicy and the sauce rocked!!

Mom's Birthday Dinner 3

I couldn’t leave well enough alone though.  I had to make a four-layer cake to end the meal.  I originally planned on making a blackberry lemon cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, and I still might one day.  But for some reason the day before the dinner chocolate become the name of the game.  This cake has a great crumb, is totally decadent, and is the perfect chocolate cake!

Head on over to my Four-Layer Chocolate Cake post to get the recipe!

Four-Layer Chocolate Cake 2


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