My 12 Favorite Cakes from Sprinkle Bakes

To celebrate cake day, I was going to do something practical and make you all cake stands.  But I wasn’t willing to fight the crowds to go shopping for the stuff I needed.  I’ll make it up to you later.  Promise.  

So instead to celebrate Cake Day, I’m paying homage to my favorite cake blogger.  While cake isn’t the only sweet treat around Sprinkle Bakes, Heather makes cakes that are absolutely out of this world and I can’t help but show them off!  If you don’t know about Sprinkle Bakes already, you are seriously missing out.  And you should buy Heather’s book.  I have it and love it.  Heather’s cakes are gorgeous and she makes them all look so doable with her great tutorials.  Here are just a few of my favorite Sprinkle Bakes cakes.








{4 Flavor Variations}
Happy Cake Day!
One Year Ago: Buckeyes


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