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Hey guys, its Kate here from Candidly Kate!

Before my little man was born, my husband and I threw in a couple loads of laundry on Saturday morning and that was that for the week. After little man came around, it was a completely different story. Now I do laundry all. the. time. It multiplies like bunnies. And I used to spend a small fortune on laundry detergent. Am I alone?


I have a recipe for homemade liquid laundry detergent here, but frankly it got to be a bit much. I needed something quick, cheap, and easy that was good for sensitive skin. You see, Little Man has really sensitive skin. We can only use one brand of diapers, and a different brand of wipes (weird, I know!), and if I wash his clothes in a washing machine other than ours (and don’t double rinse the clothes) he breaks out. I blame it on his father. Anyway, this stuff works great for him too.

The ingredients can be found on most grocery store laundry detergent isles or can be ordered online. They are all really cheap, making the cost of this stuff incredible.


You need baking soda, washing soda, borox, and a bar of Fels Naptha. (Side note: Rubbing a slightly wet bar of Fels Naptha works wonders on stains too, so grab an extra bar!)

To make, just grate the bar of soap (the finer the better) and add 1 c. of each of the other three ingredients and mix together. That’s it! And it literally takes 5 minutes to make enough for about 40 loads.  Use about 2-3 Tbls. for a large load.

Our clothes always come out fresh and clean and the cost makes me happy.

Maybe that’s why I don’t mind doing laundry! Well, and the fact that my husband always puts the clothes away. I swear that is the worst part. Am I alone?


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    Easy! Do you think this would work in high efficiency machines? I have wanted to make my own, but have been so hesitant because my HE is fussy and then smells funny,etc. I really have a love/hate relationship with my washer! LOL.

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      These do work in HE washers. I don’t personally have one, but I had a friend whom I had shared the recipe with recently email me. She has a HE washer. She said she LOVES this recipe. The issue with normal soap for an HE washer is that it suds too much. This doesn’t create suds at all so it works great. She also has had issues with occasional leaking in her machine, but after using this it has stopped. This is what she said:

      “My front-loading, high efficiency washer has not leaked once since I switched to the powder. It used to be an occasional, annoying problem to find several ounces of water on the floor in front of the machine. I’ve known people who have bought new machines because of the leak. I read that it is an issue with using too much liquid detergent – but I never thought I was using too much.”

      She also adds 1/2 c. vinegar to her fabric softener input and it keeps her machine clean and smelling great.

      Hope that helps!

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