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DIY Dinosaur Handle Cups

DIY Dinosaur Handle Cups | White Lights on Wednesday

These DIY Dinosaur Handle Cups are an easy to make project that your kids will love for years to come! Hi, everyone! Jenn from Endlessly Inspired here. Inexpensive, easy projects are my very favorite. Which is why I cannot tell you how much I love these DIY dinosaur handle cups. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit […]

DIY Monogram Mugs

Hi, everyone! It’s Jenn from Endlessly Inspired again, and today I have a super fun project for you that is so easy, even kids can do it! Seriously. My 9- and 6-year olds made these monogram mugs for their end-of-year teacher’s gifts this year. Not only are they crazy-town easy to make, but they’re super […]

DIY Gift Bag

Hi everyone! It’s Jenn from Endlessly Inspired. I have a fun, quick little DIY for you today! I love using gift bags. Aside from Christmas, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I actually wrapped a present. Because let’s face it, unless it’s a perfectly square item, wrapping a present is a giant pain in the […]

DIY Decorated Bowls

Hey guys! I’m Sarah from {Home-ology} modern vintage, and I’m so excited to be helping Julie out during her wedding weeks. Julie puts everything into her work, so she definitely deserves a couple weeks with her favorite guy and absolutely no stress. Lots of cocktails… but no stress! Over at {Home-ology} I do a lot […]

DIY Etched Glass Vase

Hi everyone, it’s Jenn from Endlessly Inspired again! I’m excited to be back with a fun DIY project after our little holiday break! Have you ever etched glass? Glass etching is one of those things that sounds super scary and complicated, but it’s totally not at all. I was obsessed with glass etching when I first […]

DIY Kitchen Table Makeover

Today is kind of a big day.  I’ve been sitting on this post forever.  I’ve been thinking about sharing it, and just hadn’t.  So today’s post is my first big DIY project – our kitchen table makeover…twice!  And the hard versus easy way to repaint your table. This table has been with Mike for 12 […]

DIY Spring Flower Tower

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.    Hi everyone.  I have a little surprise for you today.  Remember me talking about getting my house all jazzed up for spring last week?  Well I’m taking it a step farther today and making the Spring Flower Tower from the […]

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Wall Art

Even though Valentine’s Day has never been one of those holidays I get into, I want to make every day special for the boys.  So, today we made an easy DIY Valentine’s Day Wall Art that makes a great gift and it be customized how ever you like – fonts, quote, have fun with it! […]

DIY Braided Scarf & Kitchen Sink Sundae

So I have a secret.  I’ve been plotting with a bunch of gals during the last month.  You see there’s this special lady in our lives and today just so happens to be her birthday.   Hi Jen I LOVE YOU!!!   Okay.  I’m a little better now.  I got the idea to do this […]

DIY Jute Wrapped Letter with Flower Accent

Hello White Lights on Wednesday Readers! My name is Zoe and I blog over at Scout’s Stitches. First off I want to thank Julie for letting me do Trading Blogs with her! I am excited to share with a new group of readers and also excited to share her awesome post with my readers! I […]

Easy DIY Striped Pillowcase

You know what’s my favorite?  Seeing the UPS and FedEx trucks pull up.  It means a happy mail day!  I love opening new boxes of goodies.  A few weeks ago The FedEx guy showed up with a box full of fun paint supplies from the Tulip for Your Home collection.  There were stencils, paint, a […]

DIY Silver Flake Frames

A Want to dress up your home with some super cool custom frames?  Get ready because today is the day kids!  All you need are some cool picture frames from Cut It Out, paint, paint brushes, glue, and silver flake.  You won’t believe how easy this project is! EQUPIMENT Two 8-inch x 10-inch Parker picture […]

DIY Stenciled Table

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine. I have been staring at my kitchen table for months getting bored with how plain it looked.  It’s a million times better than it was when it was passed on to us from Mike’s old bachelor house, but […]

DIY Christmas Stockings

In one short week it will be Thing 2’s first Christmas.  The last two years have been nice, but this year I’m feeling especially Christmassy.  {Yes, I’m still using my word}  It could be because I have so many blogs and pins on Pinterest showing me how amazing my house could be or it could be because we are having a […]

DIY O-H! I-O! Shirts

When I originally typed up my post for today, I had every intention of doing nothing today.  Then, two things happened.  I opened up my paper and read the Black Friday ads.  I’ve never shopped Black Friday, but today I did.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 even tagged along.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I […]

Land of Nod-Inspired DIY Wall Art

Hi, everyone! It’s Jenn from Endlessly Inspired again with my last guest post of the year! {Julie’s got all sorts of special fun for you next month!} I got a Land of Nod catalog the other day and as I was looking through it, I saw this wall art and fell in love. {Ok, who am I […]

Wednesday Whatsits (40)

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Wednesday Whatsits! The link party will return next week.  I’m taking a week off to finish up a few big projects I’m debuting next month. Thank you all so much for linking up each week. This party would be nothing without you all. I hope you get inspired and find great […]

Endlessly Inspired 1st Blogiversary Giveaway

Good morning everyone!  I’m incredibly excited about today’s giveaway.  My darling friend and DIY contributor Jenn from Endlessly Inspired is celebrating her first blogiversary!  Jenn is freaking amazing, a mom and a half, and she has the coolest craft/DIY ideas and she makes yummy food.     To celebrate Jenn today, we’re giving away a […]

Wednesday Whatsits (105)

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Wednesday Whatsits. ——– I hope everyone’s had a great week!  A few fun things for ya. We have a new facebook group – open to anyone – to get amazing recipes from some of your favorite bloggers.  Being in the group means you have access to 100% of the recipes being […]

25 Spring-a-licious Desserts & Crafts

Spring is in the air!  And these desserts & crafts featured from our Wednesday Whatsits link party are sure to give you spring fever!! Battenberg Cake with White Chocolate Ganache from The NY Melrose Family Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bird Nests from This Silly Girl’s Life Bunny Tails Printable from Live Laugh Rowe Bunny Tail […]