What’s In Your Bag? White Lights on Wednesday

Good morning everyone!  Are you ready for some fun?  Because I have a new series we’re starting on WLOW.  We’re getting personal and going behind the scenes with some great bloggers…into their purses & bags.  That’s right.  We’re spilling it all for you.  Since I can’t can’t hide behind the camera all the time, I think it’s only fair that I go first.  Are you ready to take a journey into the Black Abyss?  {yes, that’s what I call my purse.}  Here we go!



Inside and outside.  This little baby has pockets everywhere!  It that’s one of my favorite things about this purse – storage.  And it’s big enough that I can stick both the boy’s cups and Eddie’s diapers and wipes in there when we run errands.  Let open up all those pockets!


There are four little pockets, two on each side.  The top two I use all the time, the bottom two zipper pockets are where little whatevers go to die.  Like that hand sanitizer.


That front zipper pocket – that’s where my Sharpies and pens live.  This are just the ones I carry around with me.  You should see the storage box the rest of them are in.  Glow sticks are always a quick distraction if needed for the littles.


In the big part of the purse lives everything else.  Both those books are filled with blank lined paper (okay, it’s not ALL blank).  In the back of the black one, I have page after page of cocktail and shot recipes.  You never know what you’re going to want to drink on a night out with the crew.  Not really sure how a blank CD got in there, but let’s go with it.  I’ve had those Oakley’s for years.  I heart them…big time!


I’m in love with my wallet.  The morning I took theme pictures, the pull tab for the zipper broke.  I was super bummed, and then I found a camera charm key chain in the abyss.  So I popped off the charm, attached it to my wallet, and the world is right again.


This pouch is my catch all girl scouts are always prepared hodge podge.


I used to keep more makeup in my purse, but it’s been dwindling lately as more makeup ends up in the drawer in my bathroom than back in the pouch.


That’s it.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peak into my bag.  We’ll be back next week with a guest blogger, and a new blogger every month until infinity plus one!

If your a blogger interested in joining this series, you can email me at
julie @ whitelightsonwednesday . com
{Openings start in 2015}

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