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Hello there! I’m Rachel from {i love} my disorganized life, and I stopped by today to share What’s in Your Bag! Well, my bag, but you knew what I meant, right? I’ve known Julie for a couple of years now, so when she asked me to do this, I thought it would be a lot of fun. Once I started digging in my bag, I realized, ummm, not so much fun. I carry around a ton of stuff!

OK, go grab some coffee, better yet, make that a cocktail, because there’s a lot to see.

Not so bad, right? Wrong! This baby is deep, and most everything just falls straight to the bottom.


My purse has two pockets on the inside {right next to each other}. One holds my sunglasses and the other my phone. And occasionally I shove money in that one too, just $3 in there right now.

Inside pockets

It’s also got a zippered pocket that I carry ‘essentials’ in. You know, all the things you may need at a moments notice and want to be able to access right away. Or, in my case, stuff that just doesn’t fit anywhere else, and I don’t want to have to dig for it.

Zippered pocket

Don’t let this pile fool you. There’s more than meets the eye. The breakdown:

Here’s the first part- tons of reward cards and gift cards, some of which are at least a year old, maybe more.

reward and gift cards

Next up, beauty:

  1. Left over lotion from my pedicure last week. Hey, it’s awesome stuff, couldn’t let it go to waste
  2. 3-year-old Victoria Secret lip gloss- still works great
  3. My Jeddy’s Blend essential oil- I take a big whiff of it whenever I start to feel anxious or if I need to focus
  4. Ponytail holder and bobby pins, because you never know when your hair is going to act up
  5. Toothpicks- hey, I don’t want to be caught in public with food in my teeth
  6. Travel-size ibuprofen
  7. Lip balm from my part-time job earlier this year- never know when you might need 3 tubes of it


Misc stuff:

  1. A receipt for the Kreepy Krauly we recently had to buy for our pool- that was one purchase that hurt, bad
  2. More keys that I have no clue what they’re for
  3. Extra set of keys to our spare car. Our 17 year old will be driving it, if she ever gets around to getting her license
  4. Three pens and a highlighter. I seriously have no clue how the highlighter got in there


Now for the main compartment. Oh, I’m sorry, did you think we were through? Not even close!

main compartment

Let’s break it down like we did the inside zippered pocket:

First up, the little black zippered pouch:

  1. Well, obvi, that’s the pouch
  2. It’s packed with more gift cards and rewards cards. Oh and a few credit cards as well

black zippered pouch

Then there’s my wallet:

  1. Driver’s license and bank debit card & Target debit card. Hey, if I’m gonna shop there, I may as well get the extra 5% off
  2. Cash. A lot less than there was a the day before I took this pic, thanks to one of our daughters needing to borrow some money
  3. Misc receipts and an old deposit slip
  4. A picture my son, now 12, drew for me when he was about 6
  5. More bank debit and credit cards

inside wallet

The makeup pouch:

Too much to go into a ton of detail, but I’ve got an eyebrow pencil, two lip liners, a sharpener, a mini mascara, a stick eye shadow, eyeliner, an extra little red rubber thingy for my eyelash curler (and it’s a good thing I saved it, because ‘someone’ lost the one that was on the eyelash curler), lip gloss and some Image lip stuff that works really well. Oh, and apparently I’m carrying around two empty sample perfumes and an empty lip gloss. Aaand I’ve just realized I spelled ‘perfume’ wrong in the graphic. Nice one, Rachel

inside makeup pouch

Getting tired yet? Me too, suck it up:

  1. Car keys with key to bedroom- OK, I can explain. I’ve got 3 daughters {17,19 & 21} that like to ‘borrow’ my makeup, styling products, and other things. And that would be OK, except for the fact that they don’t bother to ask and they don’t return things
  2. Key ring with two keys- one for the house and I honestly have no clue what the other key goes to. I’ve tried all the doors to no avail. So why keep it? Because exactly one week after I toss it, I’ll somehow discover what it’s for
  3. My vehicle registration. Haven’t gotten around to putting it in my glove box
  4. Not one, but three, yes, three See’s Candy certificates. That’s 3 lbs of goodness that this body just doesn’t need

keys & See's candy

Alright, this is the last of it:

  1. Two travel lotions, because apparently one just isn’t enough
  2. Bottles of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, because you never know when you’re going to have a rager of a headache and need a dose of both- at the same time
  3. Hand sanitizer, because the world is a messy place
  4. Travel tissues
  5. New eyeliner, that I bought two days before I shot this pic. And guess what? It’s still in my purse. Yep, down at the bottom somewhere, just floating around

beauty main

There you have it. That’s what’s in my bag. My very large and heavy bag. It’s no wonder my neck has been hurting lately.

So, tell me, what’s in your bag?


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    How orang ited! I need to clean out my bag. I’m leaving on a business trip tomorrow and I don’t think I’ll need all that stuff.. Then again, what if I do. Haha. I love your bag! Happy Sunday!

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