Thing 1 is 3!

I can’t believe my baby is already 3.  What happened?  I swear he just learned to walk the other day.  Oh wait, maybe the was Eddie.  In any case, We had a party for Otto this past Saturday and now you have to look at all the haphazard picks and act like you care.  Go!
My gorgeous step-mom, sister, and niece.
Otto and Taelase.
Chip and sandwich spread.
I don’t do the whole fancy food table spread at my house.
Our big table is the dining table and we eat there.
Snacky spread
and my new deep fryer.  Eeek!

Hot food spread.
I’m totally addicted to what’s in the crock pot.
You’ll find out what it is soon.

Drink spread.

Cutest picture of the day.

Otto with Larry and Grammy
Aunt Sue, Grandpa, Eddie and Gigi
Opening presents with Dad
Eddie had to make sure the toys were up to par
The most highly coveted gift on Otto’s list – Batman, Superman, and Robin dress up set
No surprise he wanted to be Batman first
The eyebrows kill me
Birthday cake!
Otto got all shy when we were singing Happy Birthday
He blew out the candle about half way through the singing
Eddie loves him some Gigi
Otto hit the wall
All that sure and energy ran out around 5:30pm
Pretty good run considering he got up at 7am
He alternated between making me and Mike Robin
I was the first to grab a camera
I had to negotiate bedtime.  Final deal – Otto went to bed as Superman since there was no mask involved.


I’ll be sharing all the food pics and recipes over the next few weeks.  Everything was delicious!  
Duh. 😉


  1. says

    Happy birthday to Otto! And yes, it seems like just yesterday you were pregnant with him!!

    I lovelovelove the pic of Mike and Otto as Batman and Robin and the one of O sleeping…OMG so adorable!!

    Can't wait to see the food deets!

    Happy birthday to Otto, happy anniversary on being a mama and happy party day!!


  2. says

    Happy bday Otto! He'd get along so great with my twins – they turn three in December, LOVE superheros, and love that exact same cars tower that they got for Christmas last year. 😀

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