SSBB: Summer Threads

Today it’s all about summer clothes.  I’m a dedicated jeans wearer.  I don’t do shorts.  I choose to spare everyone from the whitest legs in existence.  That being said, I’m okay with dresses, because they come down to my knees (no minis for me) and my calves aren’t too bad looking.  

Today I’m sharing a whole bunch of clothes I wish I had.  Some of them can be found on my Accouterments Pinterest board, others elsewhere around the internet.  I love window shopping!  The only thing better is big shopping bags full of clothes, but that means I need to win the lottery.  

Don’t forget to see what all the other Splish Splash Blog Bash participants are wearing or hoping to wear this summer!


Splish Splash Blog Bash 

Jen from Four Marrs and One Venus < My bloggy BFF
Natalie from A Turtle’s Life for Me < I totally HEART Natalie
Reannah from Shaped by Grace
Elyse from Shabby Sweet Tea
Kara from Mine for the Making

The original blog post this picture came from said everything is from Anthropologie,
I couldn’t find them on the site currently.  Boo.

Undergrowth Tank from Anthropologie – Red Motif

Easy Statement Necklace from Craftberry Bush
Can you believe these are bobby pins?
Super easy, super versatile, super cute.

Oh Polyvore, If I could only learn to throw things together on your site.
Anyone know how to collage on Polyvore?  I’d love to find out how to work it.

 Factory Schuyler Candy Wrap Dress from J.Crew
I’ll never pay that much for a dress, but this on was too cool not to include.
I’d want to see it on, but the seams seem slimming.

The Paris Maillot in Black and White from The Red Dolly
I love me some vintage style swimwear.  You can be sexy and covered.  There’s no rule against it.

Vintage-y, bright, happy, and the back would show off my tattoo!
Elizabeth Islands Dress from Shabby Apple
This dress looks amazingly comfortable.
Frabjous Day Dress from Shabby Apple
This dress would be perfect for an fancy summer stuff you have going on, or just to feel extra pretty.  Dresses are good for that.

What’s in Storm Top in Black from Mod Cloth
Yes, I’m a masochist.  I like to wear jeans and black shirts in 115 degree weather.  🙂

What’s your favorite summer outfit?


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