Quick and Easy Shamrocks

Good morning.  It’s been a crazy week over at my house.  Mike is learning to take on my parenting duties and I’ve been at work 9 hours a day.  Weird.  But we’ve both risen to the challenge.  Everyone still has all of their appendages and we’re happy.  You know, the important things. With my new work schedule, I’m finding that pre-scheduling blog posts is the best idea ever.  Thing 1 wakes me up and within an hour Thing 2 is awake.  Then 2 hours later we are heading to N&P’s house so I can drop off the kids.  By the time I’m home I want food, a TV show or two and bed.  Oh how I love my pillow!  The point to this is one thing: I’ve been slacking off as a blogger.  I hardly replied to any comments this week and I feel bad about that.  I read each and every comment you leave, for real, but with my new schedule, I won’t be answer them until Sunday and Monday…my days off.  I do promise to answer you all.  Pinky Promise! Okay, now that I got comment guilt off my chest let’s do something fun!


Quick & Easy Shamrocks 6

Quick and Easy Shamrocks


Solid green scrapbook or construction paper

Printed green scrapbook paper or wrapping paper

White cupcake liners (regular or jumbo)


Regular or double-sided tape

12″ x 12″ picture frame

Thumb tacks


Method: Using the lid to a regular sized spice container trace 3 circles onto the back of your solid green paper.  Trace three smaller circles onto the back of the printed green paper, using whatever you can find.

Quick & Easy Shamrocks 1

Cut out all the circles.

Quick & Easy Shamrocks 2

Using some tape (double sided or regular in a loop), tape the printed circles on top of the green circles.  

Quick & Easy Shamrocks 3

Then tape the solid green circles into the base of three cupcake liners.  You can line the small circles up to be centered of place them however you like.

Quick & Easy Shamrocks 4

Arrange the cupcake liners in a shamrock shape (triangle) on the wall and tape into place. 

Quick & Easy Shamrocks 5

You could also arrange your shamrocks on a cute green background and stick them in a picture frame that doesn’t have any glass.

Quick & Easy Shamrocks 6

Repeat to make as many shamrocks as desired.  You could also flip the printed and solid green circle sizes to change things up.  🙂

Quick & Easy Shamrocks 7


Happy little green decorations.  Yay!


  1. says

    Very cute!

    Pre-scheduling blog posts is a great idea… now I just need to find time to write them in the first place 😉 I don't know how you do so much! I recently started working a lot more also, and my blog has definitely suffered. I meant to have my blog tag post for Tuesday, but somehow it's Friday already and I've barely looked at the blog all week. Time for a little whiskey to get my creative juices flowing.

  2. says

    I totally cheat and write up all the recipes or tutorials on one day, and add pictures if I have them. Then I go back the day or two before the post and write my little insert/what's happening intro to the post. That way my posts are current, but easy. I'm going to be doing a post about how I got blog organized on Monday.

    I'm totally rockin' the Jack green label. What's in your glass? 😀

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