Operation 2012

It may seem and little late to start taking about New Year resolutions, but I’ve finally figured them out.  Operation 2012 is a go.


The idea behind Operation 2012 (thank you Carla Hall) is that resolutions usually fall by the wayside once January or even February is over.  Thinking of your “resolutions” as a full year “operation” keeps you motivated all year instead of just after the new year.  Can you dig it?

My Operation 2012 goals are:

  1. To start using all those cookbooks that I have hanging out in the cupboard.  There are 15 cookbooks.  I’m currently using two of them.  The two binders that I put together and house all our family favorite recipes.  It’s about time I break into the Italian and Chinese cookbooks.  I haven’t touched AB’s cookbook I got two years ago, sacrilege!  The Dessert Lover’s Cookbook, come on.  And my step-mom got me an amazing Taste of Home Christmas cookbook this year that I’m already drooling over.
  2. I’m going to take on five foodie things I’ve always want to try, but have been a bit intimidated to make.
    1. Risotto
    2. Souffle
    3. Macarons
    4. Homemade Pasta
    5. Baked Alaska
  3. Take better pictures of my food.  I found an amazing book to help you learn how to style and photograph your food.  Maria from Two Peas & Their Pod recommended Plate to Pixel.  Maria’s pictures are insane, so I knew this had to be the book to get.  I always eat with my eyes first, and I want my pictures to entice you all as much as possible.


That’s it.  Operation 2012.  Nothing crazy or unreachable, just things I want really want to make happen.

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