Fabric Pendant Necklace

The timing of this post is kind of serendipitous.  Amy from Mod Podge Rocks just recently released her book!  I was at Hobby Lobby buying the wood discs and glitter glue for this project, I looked behind me and there it was, Amy’s book – Mod Podge Rocks!

I smiled and wondered how many people around me know that a blogger wrote the book.  It’s funny to think about my pre-blogging world and all the little things I never know about.  Amy’s book, Kristan’s Parents magazine spread.  What other wonders came from blog land that I thought were just from wherever?

Oh and seeing Amy’ book at the register was a sign this project was definitely a good idea.  Just sayin’.  This is Amy’s original post.  I can’t remember if I found it digging around her site of on Pinterest, but either way it’s super cute, easy and a must make.

Fabric Pendant Necklace 15

Fabric Pendant Necklace

1 1/2″ wooden disc
Drill and drill bit
White acrylic paint
2 paint brushes
Mod Podge
3″ fabric square
Glitter glue
1 large jump ring
1 smaller jump ring
1 jump ring & clasp combo
Silver necklace chain, cut to desired length
Needle nose pliers


Fabric Pendant Necklace 1
I found these wooden discs at Hobby Lobby.  They didn’t come pre-drilled.
Amy has a link to an online store that sells 2″ wooden pendant bases ready to go.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 2
If you buy discs without a hole, drill one!
I drilled this hole a little too far in for the jump rings I had.
So drill close to the edge or buy bigger rings!
Fabric Pendant Necklace 3
See.  I can use power tools.  Sometimes.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 5
Paint the wood disc with a few coats of the white acrylic paint.
Don’t forget the edges!
Wait until after you drill the hole in the disc or the drill will rip off the paint.
Not the I would know or anything…
Fabric Pendant Necklace 6
While your paint is drying, coat the fabric square with Mod Podge.
Amy says this will keep the fabric from fraying after you cut it.  She’s right!
Fabric Pendant Necklace 7
Once the paint is completely dry, coat the wooden disc with a good layer of Mod Podge.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 8
While Mod Podge is still wet, press the fabric onto the disc.  Be sure to smooth the fabric so there aren’t any air bubbles under the fabric, and there is a good seal between the disc, Mod Podge, and fabric.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 9
It never hurts to practice your embellishment design while you with for the glue to dry.
I love the heart on Amy’s original necklace, so I kept it!
This also makes sure that your glitter glue won’t sputter when you go to paint the embellishment on the pendant.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 10
Allow Mod Podge to dry completely!
Cut the excess fabric from the disc, staying as close to the edge as possible.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 11
Using a straight pin or sewing needle, pierce a whole through the fabric where the hole in the disc is.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 12
This is where you want to attach your large jump ring through the hole in the fabric you just made.  Run the necklace chain through the jump ring.
{I didn’t have one on hand so I just threaded my necklace chain through the hole.}
Fabric Pendant Necklace 13
On one end of the necklace chain attach the smaller jump ring.
On the other end of the necklace chain attach the jump ring that has the clasp.
Fabric Pendant Necklace 15
Then make your glitter glue heart toward the bottom right corner.  Let dry completely.
Put on your necklace and ROCK IT!
Amy seriously made her tutorial so easy.  You really need to click over and check out her GORGEOUS necklace.  Like now.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!?


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