Three Little Birds Wall Art

Today’s craft project is brought to you my Natalie, Pick Your Plum, and Kim. 
They just don’t know it yet.  😉
Over the last few month’s I’ve been the lucky recipient of some awesome goodies from these people.
Back in June, Natalie from A Turtle’s Life for Me sent me a great box box of craft supplies for Packages Pals. {Check the post to see everything she sent me.}
Then in July I won one of Carrie‘s 400, 500 & 600 follower giveaways and got an box full of happiness from Pick Your Plum.  I had no idea some many cool things could be crammed into one little box.
3 Little Birds 1
3 Little Birds 2
{Yes, Pick Your Plum included the Laffy Taffy too.  Love it!}
3 Little Birds 4
3 Little Birds 5
Then last month I won one of Dawn‘s birthday giveaways and a gift card to Joann’s arrived in the mail from Kim from Cups by Kim.
Now that I have all this stuff my head was spinning.  What was I going to do with it all.
Then inspiration hit.  I loved the birds from Natalie’s package.  Naturally with there being 3 birds, my brain thought “Bob Marley,” and this project was born.
I think I’m going to change up the frame soon. I don’t like the way the letter’s came out.  They really are spaced evenly, but the printer format online that came with the stickers didn’t line up and blah blah blah.  That’s a project for my next day off.


3 Birds Wall Art 2.1

One Year Ago: Homemade Mod Podge

3 Little Birds  Wall Art

1 unfinished wood frame
White spray paint
White acrylic paint
3 chip board birds
2 to 3 types Washi tape
Scrapbook paper
Vinyl letters


Paint birds with white acrylic paint and allow to dry completely.
Spray paint doesn’t work here.  The birds just absorb it.


3 Little Birds 6


3 Little Birds 7

Spray paint wooden picture frame white.  You can leave it white or use the white as a primer for another color.  And I think this goes without saying, but remove the backing and glass from your frame before painting.  Ok?  Ok.
3 Little Birds 9
Using the picture frame as a guide, trace the back of your scrapbook paper and cut to size to fit the frame.  Glue or tape your scrapbook paper onto the backing for your picture frame.

 3 Little Birds 10


3 Little Birds 11

Grab your washi tape, scissors, and birds.  It’s time to get creative!


3 Little Birds 12

Layer washi tape onto a bird it a pattern of your choice.
I went for two matching designs and one contrasting design.
3 Little Birds Wall Art 2.2
Flip your bird on its front and trim the washi tape so it closely follows the edge of the bird.  You want there to be some extra to wrap over the edge of the bird.  I found it helps to cut “darts” into the corners for easy tape wrapping.
3 Little Birds 14
Place the birds onto the scrapbook paper.
3 Little Birds 16
Frame the birds and scrapbook paper.
Decorate the frame with “3 Little Birds” lettering and your done!
3 Little Birds 18
I am for sure going to switch some things out and get this art just the way I want it.
I’m so picky, but I love the basic idea.
I’ll share the updated version on this post when I re-work things.
But this is such a cute idea I couldn’t help sharing where it’s at now.

3 Birds Wall Art 2.0

Thanks to Natalie, Carrie, Pick Your Plum, Dawn, and Kim for the serious hook ups.

This project was free with all the goodies I got.
Quadruple win!


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