Jack Daniels Bottle Cake

If I’ve never mentioned it before, Mike works for an adult beverage distribution company.  We end up with all kinds of fun shwag around the house.  Today was the best!  He brought me home a Jack Daniel’s bottle cake mold and label stencil.  How cool is that?!??

Jack Daniel's Bottle Cake | White Lights on Wednesday

I immediately wanted to make the cake happen.  I talked Mike into hitting Michael’s for food coloring.  I didn’t own a nice spatula for frosting and this was the perfect opportunity to buy own.  Aht-Ah-Ah (computers don’t do evil laughs justice).  I was able to soften the blow of spending $5 on a “little metal thingy” with a 40% coupon.  Armed with my decorating gear I grabbed some Spice flavored cake mix.  I wanted to make sure the cake was the color of whiskey so that when you cut into the cake it looked like it was filled with Jack.  Spice cake is the closest color to start off with and it’s delicious! 

Jack Daniel's Bottle Cake | White Lights on Wednesday

I’m really happy with how my first big cake turned out.  There is a laundry list of things I would do differently technique wise.  The label lines are really bothering me and I need to work on my piping consistency.

Jack Daniel's Bottle Cake | White Lights on Wednesday 

Next time I’m going to try to find a bourbon cake recipe so that can incorporate Jack Daniel’s into the recipe as well.  I gave away almost half the cake so that I didn’t eat it all myself.  The buttercream frosting is wonderful.  I can’t believe I’ve never made buttercream before either.  I’ll never go back to canned frosting again.

Jack Daniel's Bottle Cake | White Lights on Wednesday
Jack Daniel's Bottle Cake | White Lights on Wednesday



  1. says

    LOVE this, Jule!!!

    I started making cakes when Andrew turned 1. Some have been great and others, not so great. 🙂

    Happy to have found your blog too!!

    • Gerardine Farrington says

      I have to do a Jack Daniels bottle cake for a friends 30th, I really need that mold and stencil, can I buy it anywhere.

      • says

        Last I knew it was a promotional item only. I contacted Jack Daniel’s last year (after countless emails and comments about the cake mold) to inquire, and at that time they had no plans to produce a cake mold for purchase. 🙁

  2. says

    I'm not sure if the cake mold and stencil are available to the public yet. With Mike's job, we get a lot of promotional items that are only available from the company. If I find out the cake set can be purchased now or in the future I will happily update you.

  3. says

    OH OH OH!!!! I want one too!!! That is just the greatest cake ever and would be the perfect birthday cake for my husband! I'm so jealous 😉

  4. Stephanie Hawks says

    Are these available to the public yet??? I can’t seem to find them in the store online, but I see where it says you can buy it! I’m so confused!!! lol maybe the store in Lynchburg?

  5. Angelica says

    I would love to know where I can buy a mold like this if you could share the website would be appreciated it. Thanks

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