I Heart… Hair Goodies

I Heart hair goodies

I have some seriously thick and long hair.  As much as I love it, having that much hair can be a big pain in the ass a lot of the time.  So here are a few things I love and that help me manage my mop.

Bed Head Oh Bee Hive!

I think most every girl I know uses dry shampoo these days.  It’s AMAZING.  I’ve tried at least 5 different brands.   They all work about the same, but Oh Bee Hive! from Bed Head smells GREAT!  I would spray it on before work, put my hair up, come home, take my hair down, and Mike always commented on how good my hair smelled.

13 Different Ways to Wear Your Bangs

I have my hair layered and framed down from my face.  My “bangs” get boring sometimes, and I’d kill to have something new to do with them.  Enter the fabulous Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode with 13 Different Ways to Wear Your Bangs!  Life. Saver.

Bed Head After Party


My other product crush is After Party from Bed Head.  {noticing a trend?}  The last time I went to get my hair cut, my stylist grabbed this pink bottle of happiness.  It smells freaking INSANE!!  If I could wear it as a perfume I would, but luckily I can just apply to my hair and get to goods.  This stuff was made for you to smell good and look fresh after a night at the bar, a rockin’ house party, or anytime you need a little pickup me up for your locks.  After Party helps smooth fly aways and you’ll just keep smelling your hair…all day and night.  I’ll take a dozen!

Double Band Bun Aroochy

I found the Double Band Bun-aroochy on The Color Issue.   {One of my fave happy place blogs.}  This funky bun has become my absolute go to hair style.  I’m little obsessed with it.  If my hair’s not down or in a ponytail,  it’s in a bun-aroochy.  It takes two second to do, and looks really cute!  No matter how much I hate my hair on a given day, I know I’ll like it better once I bun it.


So those are my big four hair must haves to keep you & your hair happy!


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    I love anything Bedhead. The product lasts all day & never fails me. On my lazy days I wear a bun like those girlies. That’s my go to on days it’s hard to wake up. Happy Sunday!

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