Upcycled Gardening Boots

Hi! My name is Alecia and I blog over at Chicken Scratch NY.

I’m very excited to be here today!

We work really hard. Really we do

I live on a small farm with my fiance and our crazy menagerie.
When I’m not showering with my dog or raising abandoned/orphaned ducklings I can be found crafting, cooking or gardening.

Today I’d like to share an upcycled garden project. It’s so simple! You can probably do it with stuff you already have, if not you can get every thing you need for pretty cheap.

I started out with a ‘retired’ pair of muck boots (they get retired when you step on a screw and need a tetanus shot and antibiotics). I also used a drill, gravel, potting soil and a dwarf coreopsis.

Start by drilling a few (more) holes in the bottom of the boots. I needed to use a large bit to get drainage holes, the soft rubber closed up over small holes.

Fill the bottom of the boots with gravel, the plants make the boots top heavy and the wind can easily catch the plant and knock them over. This is especially true if you use high boots. I filled the entire ‘foot’ part of the boot. Make sure to shake the gravel into the toes.

I received this plant as a gift for my birthday. I think the bright yellow flowers will look really cheery with the blue boots. Before you buy a single plant like this to divide make sure it has multiple stems. This was large clump and I just pulled it apart with my fingers. Take care to separate the leaves, they might be tangled together.

Gently stuff the plant in, you might need to add potting soil to the bottom of the boots to lift the roots. If you have extra room around the plant fill in with more soil.
Finish the other boot.

I tied a scrap of white fabric around each boot to brighten it up.

The Coreopsis¬† is a perenial so when the seasons over I’ll cut them back and plant them in a flower bed, saving the boots for more flowers next year.

Thanks for reading! I’d love it if you stopped by Chicken Scratch to say hi!

Many thanks to Julie for letting me take over her blog today!

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