Green Glitter Accent Nail


Hey everyone! Tessa from tessacotton here. I’m walking on some serious sunshine with the arrival of spring that’s FINALLY here. Plus, I’ve got an incredibly easy mani here for you, using supplies you already have on hand.


This look is super simple, no glitter polish or nail glue required. Just a base color, glitter in a contrasting or complimentary shade, and an optional top coat. Some sort of paper towel or piece of card stock for catching the excess glitter is also a good thing to have!


Begin with a coat or two of your base color (I used ORLY “Ancient Jade”) until you’ve achieved full coverage. If you’re a bit of a klutz like me and don’t have super steady hands, I’d wait for this to become mostly dry before heading onto the next step.


This step works best over a piece of paper or something similar (anything you can fold up and use as a funnel to collect your excess glitter is your best bet – waste not want not). Paint a fresh coat of your base color on the nail(s) that you want to glitter-ify and quickly ┬ásprinkle a liberal amount of glitter directly onto the nail. Wait a few seconds and gently shake your hand, carefully brushing the glitter off of the surrounding skin.


Easy as pie! You can stick with one accent nail, or even mix it up and try different colors of polish and glitter and glam it up on all your nails.


I love this look as-is, it’s way more textured without a top coat. But it wont last as long, of course, so if it’s staying power you’re looking for then go ahead and paint all nails with Seche Vite or a similar clear polish.


I’d love to see if you give this look a try, so hit me up on twitter or instagram with your ideas. Happy Weekend!


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