Foodie Pen Pals – September

One Year Ago: Who Needs Drain-O?

I am loving this Foodie Pen Pal thing.  Each month I get a new surprise box from a new person and I get to try some new foods.  Awesome sauce!  This month my FPP was Deb from Cooking on the Front Burner.  I was so excited to have m sender be a blogger I’m familiar with.  And get this, Deb knew who I was!  How did that happen.  😉  We’ve had a great time corresponding through emails and Deb’s box ROCKED!  Get ready to be jealous.

Happy tissue paper and her blog logo – great first impression.

Love note.
Hi Julie. I hope you enjoy your “taste of Minnesota.” -Deb
Now to the good stuff.
Minnesota Wild Rice and a recipe for Chicken and Wild Rice soup.
I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can get down on this soup!
Popcorn mix – original, cheddar, and caramel.  Otto had a field day with this.
Homemade caramels from a local vendor – TO DIE FOR.
Rochester Magazine.  The old guy worried me, but wait…


I know where I’m to drink in Minnesota.


This is were Deb totally out did herself.
She made me homemade salsa (it’s delicious BTW) and set this wicked cute chile serving dish for the salsa.
I think Deb is psychic.  I had bought tortilla chips the day before my box arrived.


My mom is jealous of the dish.
Deb’s the bestest!!
I hope you’ll join Foodie Pen Pals.
It’s really fun.
I have such a great time putting together a new goodie box for someone else.
be sure to check out Cooking on the Front Burner.
You’ll love Deb.


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    Sounds like you got a great package… I love Minnesota's wild rice soup. This was my first month with foodie penpal and I loved it… Now that I come back to your post about it, I realized that I think it was your post last month that made me join. ~ Thanks.

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