DIY Stenciled Table

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I have been staring at my kitchen table for months getting bored with how plain it looked.  It’s a million times better than it was when it was passed on to us from Mike’s old bachelor house, but in a rental house it seemed so bland.  More white on white, with a really light grey wasn’t quite cutting it anymore.  Time for a makeover!

I got a roll of FrogTape’s Shape Tape in the scalloped pattern  Shape Tape™ comes in wave and chevron too, but scalloped just seemed right to give a little down home feeling to the table.

DIY Stenciled Table 1

I had a couple different ideas on how I was going to stencil the table.  I thought about making a scalloped board around the table top but wasn’t sold on the idea.  Then I thought maybe doing a scalloped edge insert over the whole table top.  So the whole center is grey, and there’s a white border with a scalloped pattern separating them.  But again, I couldn’t talk myself into it.  Then once we took the table top off it hit me!  I was going to stencil the sides of the table frame for a little accent area.

DIY Stenciled Table 2

The FrogTape® Shape Tape™ comes on a roll just like any other tape.  It has convenient spacing marks, in case you’re lining up your tape over a set distance or matching lines.

DIY Stenciled Table 3

And the tape backing come apart in two pieces, top half and bottom half.  This way when you go to stick your tape and line things up, you only have to unstick half the tape to make things perfect.

DIY Stenciled Table 4

Then when you’re all lined up, peel off the bottom half of the tape backing and seal the tape down.

DIY Stenciled Table 5

I just used my fingers to press the Shape Tape™ down onto the table, and with Frog Tape®’s PaintBlock® Technology technology I know the bright color I’m going to paint over the white will have clean lines and won’t run into the pattern.

DIY Stenciled Table 6

 After placing the tape one each side of the table, I took it out back and spray painted the whole table.  In bright blue.  We need so color!!

DIY Stenciled Table 7

After the paint was completely dried, we brought the table back in and reattached the table top.

DIY Stenciled Table 8

I peeled back the Shape Tape™ and revealed the scallop pattern!

DIY Stenciled Table 9

No paint bleeding, and the tape was really, really easy to take off.  It didn’t rip or stick to the table.

DIY Stenciled Table 10

 Now we have a bright new table with a little pattern accent that I love love love!  Mike likes it too.  The littles freaked out to have a blue table, and Eddie loved being my tape application assistant.  (see: rolling and unrolling the tape)  You can get more ideas for how to use FrogTape® Shape Tape™ on Twitter and Pinterest.  What will you make with your Shape Tape™ ?

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    Adorable!! I’m in live with scallops, and had no idea Frog tape carries scalloped tape. Uh oh … More projects in the to-do list! Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re having a great week!

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