DIY Christmas Stockings

In one short week it will be Thing 2’s first Christmas.  The last two years have been nice, but this year I’m feeling especially Christmassy.  {Yes, I’m still using my word}  It could be because I have so many blogs and pins on Pinterest showing me how amazing my house could be or it could be because we are having a normal Christmas. 

Two years ago me moved into our house on December 1st…we didn’t bother getting a tree since we were half way moved in and Thing 1 was 5 months old.  Last year, I was waiting tables .  I had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, not much Christmas excitement for me.  This year, I’m home!  Mike has the day off and we have both our little men.  Let’s do this holiday!! 

Store bought stockings are fine.  In fact, I still have my stocking from when I was little.  But I wanted to make our stockings.  I really wanted to make our stockings.  So I am.  🙂   Yesterday morning I went to Joann’s Fabric, grabbed my Simplicity pattern and all the fabric I needed.  It was all on sale too, whoopee!  I love the star fabric I found.  Every time I look at it I seriously geek out.

Mike had a little “you spent $40 to make stockings?!?!” moment. I don’t think he realizes how much a nice store bought stocking costs, let alone the “I made this for my family and it’s special” -ness that goes with creating something yourself. And technically it was only $36 – that’s only $9 per stocking, so there.

I cut out all my pattern pieces from the Simplicity pattern I had bought (on sale $1.99, woo!).  I made my first stocking with batting and according to the Simplicity directions.  Here’s what I got:


It’s fine, really, but this stocking isn’t fulfilling my shape ideas. It’s plushy from the batting and all, but it was a pain to sew and I’m just not really thrilled with how it turned out.
Luckily I had plenty of fabric left to remake the one stocking I had completed.  As I was adding other stocking ideas onto this post, I read through all the blog posts and Diary of a Quilter’s Stocking Tutorial made total sense!  She saved me.  I made all four stockings using her basic instructions.  I had different ideas for the stocking cuff and planned on a hanging ribbon.  So here is how to make a stocking using Diary of a Quilter‘s tutorial and my own notes/add-ons. 

I’m posting a ridiculous amount of pictures and being really explicit with each step in the hopes that my beginner mistakes will help someone else get it right the first time.  I haven’t sewn since I was 13 and in Home Economics class making shorts.  If I can make these stockings, you can make these stockings.
Cut out stocking pieces, two pattern pieces from the LINING fabric and the OUTER fabric.  Diary of a Quilter has a stocking pattern you can download and print out.  I used Simplicity pattern #2488. 
Cut out two 4.5″ wide pieces of fabric for your band. 
Cut out two 2″ wide pieces of fabric for your band cuff. 
All of these piece will be the same length as your stocking top.
Pin one edge of one band cuff so that there is a 1/2″ seam allowance. 
Sew the band cuff edge.  {I used the same red thread I sewed all the stockings with.  I don’t mind the contrasting thread.  If you do, sew this seam with a matching thread.}  Remove pins.  Repeat with second band cuff.
Lay the band cuff onto the band, matching unsewn edges, with RIGHT sides together and pin bottom edge.
Sew edges together with a 1/2″ seam.  Remove pins.
Press this seam open so that the RIGHT sides of the band and band cuff are both facing out.  This will complete your stocking CUFF.  Repeat with second band and band cuff pieces.


If you are adding embellishments (applique, flowers, buttons, etc.) to your CUFF, now if the time to do it. 
After this step you will have to sew through the entire front side of your stocking to attach anything to the CUFF.
Lay out one stocking OUTER fabric right side up. 
Lay the CUFF on top of the OUTER fabric, right side up, matching upper edges.

Lay the LINING fabric over the OUTER fabric and CUFF. 

Pin top edges together.

Sew pieces together with a 1/2″ seam.  Remove pins.
Press seam open. 

Repeat with second set of OUTER fabric, CUFF, and LINING fabric pieces.

Lay the opened stocking halves on top each other, matching edges and top seam positions, WRONG sides out.
Cut a 6″ to 8″ piece of ribbon (depending on how low you want your stocking to hang). 

Fold the ribbon in half. 

Insert the ribbon into the LINING side of the stocking.  You want the fold to be “inside” the stocking.  Place the ribbon so that the fold is pointed away from the edge and towards the OUTER fabric side of the stocking. 

Pin ribbon ends in place.

Pin together the edges of both pieces, all the way around.

Leave a 4″ to 4.5″ section of the LINING edge unpinned.  This will be the access point where you turn the stocking RIGHT side out.  Sew around the edges of the stocking using a 1/2″ seam, making sure to leave the 4″ opening unsewn.  I reversed over the spot where the ribbon was to make it extra secure. 
I don’t need the ribbon popping off while it’s holding up a stocking full of presents. 
Remove pins.
Cut triangle notches into the toe, heel, and ankle curves of the OUTER fabric.  Make sure you DO NOT cut through the seam. 
Trim down the LINING fabric edge so that it is close to the seam.  Both these steps with reduce bulk and help give your stocking its proper shape.
Turn the stocking RIGHT side out by pulling the ends out through the 4″ hole you left. 
Pin the hole in the lining closed and stitch over it to close the hole with a 3/8″ seam.  Remove pins.
Stuff the LINING down into the OUTER fabric and your stocking is complete!

This sounds like a lot to do, but it’s really not…promise.  And this method is way easier compared to the pattern instructions.

I knew I wanted to embroider our names on the stockings too, but I’ve never even attempted to embroider before. I used  Molly’s Simple Embroidered Stocking tutorial on The Purl bee to learn how.  It’s really a million times easier to click over and read her tutorial than for me to try to explain something I know nothing about.  Molly has links to basic embroidery help for everything you need to make these fancy names happen.

If you are looking for some stocking inspiration of your own, here are some ideas I love from around the web.  Oh, and if you know anyone who has been naughty and deserves some coal in their stocking, check out this Coal Candy from Sprinkle Bakes.


Quick Sew Funky Christmas Stockings from Full of Fluff
Sweater Stockings from Martha Stewart
I really like the one with the collar still attached. 
Your Basic Christmas Stocking from Fabricworm
I loved the fabric choices and couldn’t resist adding this stocking to the collection.


Lined Stocking with a Cuff from Cluck Cluck Sew 
Allison even shows you how to make the super cute quilted pieces for the front of the stocking.


Personalized Christmas Stockings
Personalized Christmas Stockings from MonkeySeeBoutique on Etsy
I’m sure I could figure out how to do the ruffle on top of the stocking.
Elf Boot Stocking
Elf Boot Stocking from Family Fun
Are we seeing a trend yet? I love Elf-ish stockings.
How insane is this Button Encrusted Stocking posted by TheSapphireMoon onto

Flowered Felt Stocking

Flowered Felt Stocking from Better Homes and Gardens
I think all the little decorations are really sweet.
Thanks so incredibly much to Amy and Molly for making my first sewing experience in 15 years as painless as possible!!

And for making our stockings so wonderful.


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    Oh, they turned out great. You can tell Mike that if you use them for 3 years they really only cost $3 per year. A smokin' deal. AND you get the added sentiment. 🙂

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