Button Wreath Ornament

Can you believe there are only 15 days til Christmas?!?  I’m still no where near being done with my shopping.  I only have half my list together.  What happened to me this year?  I’m usually way more on track.  Oh well.  
For today’s reading enjoyment I’m sharing how I made my ornament for the Ornament Swap I took part in.  And the ornament I received, because it’s the best ever!
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My swap partner was Erin from Pagan Spirits {be advised, there is adult content on Erin’s site}.  She loves books (she’s an author) and green.  I can do green; my book ornament wheels weren’t turning.  So I busted out some buttons and got to work!
DIY Button Wreath Ornament
22 gauge jewelry wire
Selection of green and white buttons in varying sizes  {or all green}
Needle nose pliers
Circular shaped object  {I used a Mod Podge bottle}
Red ribbon
Gold ribbon or ornament hook


Cut a length of wire to the size you would like your ornament to be, leaving one extra inch of length for handling.  Using a circular shaped object, form the wire into a circle – do no connect the ends.

Separate the buttons into matching sizes.  Thread buttons onto the wire circle in pairs or the same size.  Remember the buttons you put on first will end up being the top of your wreath later.  Alternate button pair sizes to give the wreath some pretty variation.  I kept my buttons symmetrical as I moved around the wire, but that’s your call to do the same.

Once the wire has been threaded all the way around with buttons, use your pliers to twist the wire ends together.  Clip off any excess wire.  Your wreath will look like the one below.  Use your hands to reform the circle as needed once you tie off the wire.

Size comparison for you.


Cut a 3-inch length of red ribbon.  Tie the ribbon around the wire ends to cover that unsightly gap.  

Tie the red ribbon into a pretty bow to complete your wreath!

Finish your wreath with an ornament hook or some gold ribbon tied at the top of the circle.
Tah-Dah!  Easy, cute and a lovely present for a new friend.  Speaking of presents, you have to see the ornament Erin got for me from Etsy.  It’s the cutest, most perfect ornament ever and I’m over the moon for it.  Be jealous.  😉  Thank you Erin!! I love it!


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