Bubble Tea Dotted Mani

Hey friends! It’s me again, Tessa from tessacotton. I’m psyched to be sharing a new manicure with you all today. It’s funny where blogging inspiration can come from – I was sipping some of my favorite drink for when the weather gets hot and the shapes and colors of the bubble tea made me think up this mani!

Begin with two coats of a solid color. I love this greige (I laughed so hard when I first saw the world greige – a combination of grey and beige – but now I totally use it all the time) polish by ULTA called “Set the Nude”. Once those base coats are completely dry, grab that bobby pin and get dotting! It was easier for me to pour out a tiny bit of each color onto a paper plate and use that – things can get messy if you try and stick a bobby pin into a bottle of polish.

I did one color at a time across all the nails, that way each colors gets used up before it has a chance to dry out. My color scheme was neutral tones, but I think this mani would look great with some bright or contrasting colors. For the dots I used: Sally Hansen – “Commander In Chic”, ULTA “Snow White”, and Color Mates “Decadence”.

*Tip: to make smaller dots, use less polish and simply tap the nail with the bobby pin. For bigger dots, use more polish and let the bobby pin rest on the nail for a few seconds.

That’s all, folks! I’d recommend finishing with a top coat for a longer lasting mani.  If you give this manicure a try or create a similar look I’d be so happy to hear about it, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter. I’d love to see a pic!

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