Blood in the Water Martini {SHARK Week Party}

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We love SHARK Week.  The boys think seeing all the sharks are so cool.  Mike and I geek out and record every episode so we can watch the best ones a few times.

Shark Week Cupcakes 1

This year we’re getting the boys excited for Shark Week in a whole new way, with Cold Stone Creamery!  Now through August 17th, Cold Stone Shark Week Frenzy Ice Cream Creations made with  Blue Sweet Cream Ice Cream, graham crackers, and gummy sharks, and Great Blue Cupcakes.  The cupcakes come in a 6-pack, and are made of a chocolate cup filled with a layer of yellow cake, blue sweet cream ice cream, blue frosting, and a gummy shark.

Shark Week Cupcakes 5

The boys and I had a little ice cream date when I picked up the Great Blue Cupcakes.  Eddie got blue sweet cream ice cream with sprinkles and Otto got chocolate ice cream with M&Ms.

Shark Week Cupcakes 8

Shark Week Cupcakes 9

We found the Great Blue Cupcakes in the freezer with Cold Stone’s ice cream cakes.  Eddie said he wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday.  They looked so good, I’m thinking about it.

Shark Week Cupcakes 7

Shark Week Cupcakes 10

It was a million degrees outside, so the boys were happy for the cool treat, but you can also order Great Blue Cupcakes Online at

Shark Week Cupcakes 4

We’ve been going to Cold Stone for years.  It’s a fun treat and the possible of flavor and add-in combinations are endless.  The boys especially love watching the employees mix the fresh made ice cream and add-ins on the frozen granite station.

Shark Week Cupcakes 3

This year, we decided to give the boys a mini viewing party for Shark Week.  We’re having blue rice krispie treats, blue otter pops, Great Blue Cupcakes, and for the adults – Blood in the Water Martinis.  I even made some Shark Week invitations so the boys could choose who to invite to their party.  You can get the free printable below.

Shark Week Cupcakes 6

Blood in the Water Martini


3 ounces cherry vodka  {I used Grey Goose}

1-2 drops blue food coloring

6 ounces lemon-lime soda

1/2 ounce grenadine



  1. Place ice in cocktail shaker, pour vodka over ice and add food coloring.  Close lid to shaker, and gently shake until food coloring is incorporated into vodka.
  2. Add soda to shaker, and swirl or just a spoon to stir.  Strain cocktail into two martini glasses.
  3. Slowly drizzle half the grenadine over the back of a spoon into the martini glass.  This will cause the grenadine to float on top of the drink.  Now you have some blood in the “water” to attract sharks.


How do you celebrate Shark Week?

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{free shark week viewing party invitation. click to access full size image}

Shark Week 2014 Viewing Party Invitation

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