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The start of August sends many children back to school. With summer feeling like it just began, it can be overwhelming to know that it’s almost over! School in my county starts in about two weeks, and we are being inundated with back to school sales, ads, and ways to make our lives simpler before the big day. While my son is nowhere near school age just yet, August is a great time to recharge and reorganize for the remainder of the year. To celebrate the beginning of the school year, here are a few fun printables.

Free Back to School Printables | White Lights on Wednesday

All of these are PNG files sized at 8 x 10. Print them on regular printer paper or cardstock. You can size them in your printer options to make them smaller if you wish. Just click the image you want to download!

Morning Checklist Printable

One way that I have tweaked my daily routine was with a morning checklist. I often found that I would forget things in the morning, silly things that aren’t important enough to be written down in a planner…yet they are those oh-so-important tasks that have to be done every morning. To combat my foggy memory in the early mornings, I started writing a mini “to do” list the night before. This way, when dawn comes, I don’t need to think. I just head to the list.

Free Back to School Printables | White Lights on Wednesday

Do you hurry to get out of the house first thing in the morning too? This simple printable should help you avoid forgetting school lunch on the counter or feed the dogs. Hectic mornings means things get forgotten, and I know no one is in a place to forget those important items! I have found that one strategy that helps me from forgetting anything is to have this checklist right by the door.

In an effort to reduce waste (and from printing this more than once!), print this on 8.5 x 11 paper. Add it to a certificate sized frame (you can find them at the dollar store). Hang or display this by the front door with an attached dry erase marker. Encourage your spouse and children to add the top four things that MUST be done in the morning. If you write your main tasks here before bedtime, your mornings may just be a bit smoother!

Give it a try and see how it works for your family.

Back to School Photo Sign

One way to document your child’s growth is with photographs on the first day of school. I know my mom always took a photo of me outside with my new backpack on every year before I headed to the bus stop. To start (or continue!) this tradition, print out this sign on heavy cardstock to make an instant photo prop.

Free Back to School Printables | White Lights on Wednesday

Do you have any other traditions that start with the new academic year? One thing that I do is start new binders for both home and school paperwork. Print these cover sheets off and slip them in two brand new binders. Start the new school year with a more organized you.

Free Back to School Printables | White Lights on Wednesday Free Back to School Printables | White Lights on Wednesday

 How do you get organized for the new school year?

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    My mom used to keep a file box of all of my artwork, journals, projects, etc that I did in school that year. At mid-terms and finals we would pick one day to sort through it and pick the 2 items to keep. The rest were tossed. It was a good way to hold on to memories and choose which was most important while also learning to let go.

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