A Buggy Birthday Party

This year for Thing 1’s Birthday we had a Buggy Birthday Party.  This was all before I started blogging.  I wasn’t in charge of the camera, I was over seeing food, games, presents and hostess duties.  Needless to say the only pictures we got were of the cake and some presents being opened.  The party was super fun and I loved the bug ideas I found around the Internet.

How good could a bug party be?  Awesome, with a capital A…that’s how good!

I made this on Paint
Moth Balls  (Swedish Meatballs)
Worms in a Blanket (Mini Pigs in a Blanket)
Anthill Salad
Bug Juice (blue Kool-Aid and lemonade)
Inchworm Cake
Pin the Spot on the Ladybug
Pin the Spot on the Ladybug
I can’t draw.  Not actual things anyway.  I found a picture of a clip art ladybug for proportions.  Then using 2 different sized bowls and a coffee cup I drew a bunch of circles until I had made a bug.
I can’t begin to tell you how much all the kids loved playing this game.
We used Oreo cookies (twist, lick and stick technique) for the spots.
You’ll want to keep extras on hand for snacking while others take their turn.
Party colors were blue, green and yellow
Crepe Paper in each color
Bug Garland
Happy Birthday Sign
For both the sign and garland I used mini binder clips, yarn and thumb tacks.
I found a 50pk of mini binder clips at Target for $2.99. Not bad since I can keep reusing them.
Thing 1 had such a good time.  Our friends thought the bug theme was cute and I felt like I made a good showing.  One of my craftier friends and her MIL (the queen of scrap booking) came to the party.  I wanted to proove I was at least trying and would hopefully be on their level soon.  Mike thought gave me the guy “It’s cute” answer about everything.  He doesn’t see the point of having themed parties unless it’s OSU or UFC, but he didn’t say no and let me run with all my ideas.  That’s all I really wanted from him anyway.

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