5 Steps to the Perfect Red Lip

Hey guys! It’s Tessa from over at tessacotton. I’m psyched to be sharing this tutorial with you all. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Whether you’re going out or staying in, having a hot date or hitting the town with friends, you can never go wrong with a classic red lip, especially on V-Day.


*For this tutorial you’ll need your favorite of the following:

-Concealer in your skin tone

-Face powered (translucent is best)

-Red Matte Lipstick

-Red Lipliner

-Red Lip gloss (optional)


Begin by blending your concealer over the edges of your lip. This is especially important if you’re going to draw your lip liner anywhere but your natural lip line. I usually stick to my natural lip line (or a little bit outside if I’m feeling adventurous) but it can be nice to keep it small when you’re working with such a bold color.

Next, draw on the lip liner, carefully. If you make a mistake, I’ve found that a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover can be a lifesaver for getting off stubborn lip products.


Gently color your lips with the liner. Don’t worry about getting full coverage here, this is just for extra staying power (and helps blend the colors if your liner and lipstick aren’t an exact match).

Apply one coat of the lipstick, careful to not get outside the lines! Again, eye makeup remover is the best for swiping off any errors here. Your initial coat of concealer will help lift any mistakes, too.


Blot a small amount of translucent power over your lip and apply a final coat of lipstick. This is where I usually stop, I really love the matte lip look! But if you want some extra shine, now’s the time to add a thin coat of red lip gloss. A little goes a long way when you’re working with this much color!

**Bonus tip: If you’re in a hurry, Revlon makes an awesome product that goes on in seconds and works great in a pinch. Colorburst Matte Balm, it looks like a crayon and they have a great color selection, including red!

My fave products (used here) are as follows:
-Sephora Lipstick in Pure Red
-Revlon Lipgloss in Firecracker
-Ulta Lipliner in Exotic
-Sephora Instant Radiance Foundation
-Bare Minerals Translucent Powder

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