30 Before 30

I love getting inspiration from other bloggers.  Last week I read this post over at Finding My Way in Texas.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought to do a list like that for myself.  So I did!  

  1. Starting playing my viola at least once per week
  2. Make over the dining room set
  3. Start eating more vegetables   {have any good recipes?}
  4. Finish my back tattoo (see #10)
  5. Home brew beer
  6. Go see Jen from Four Marrs and One Venus
  7. Learn to play pool well
  8. Go to Las Vegas (see #26)
  9. Make a gallery wall.
  10. Get my weight down to at least 185 pounds > the half-way point (yes there is that much to lose)
  11. Decorate a cake with fondant
  12. Sew myself an outfit and a dress – wear them
  13. Put together a hard cover cookbook
  14. Eat at a food truck
  15. Go to a Muse concert
  16. Buy my own .com
  17. Be a red head again
  18. Have professional family pictures taken – so I can finally be in the picture too
  19. California Vacation (see #6)
  20. Pay off my credit cards
  21. Have a kick ass 30th birthday party
  22. Go to a wine or beer dinner
  23. Become really good at making Macarons
  24. Attend a blog conference
  25. Start saving for our trip to Scotland/Ireland
  26. Get married (at least engaged) – yes, I’m ready to threaten Mike with this
  27. Design a photo index for all my blog posts
  28. Eat at a high end restaurant
  29. Build a light box
  30. Buy a DSLR camera
Now it’s not only on paper, it’s on the blog which is way more binding.  I’ll keep this list updated and we’ll see how the year goes.


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    Great list!! I agree, putting in down in writing totally helps (otherwise I just forget 5 minutes later!) And I hope you get to meet Jen from Four Marrs and One Venus in person. I met her a few years ago at a Bunco party and she is seriously one of the sweetest, funniest, most energetic girls ever… love her!!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West 🙂

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    Shush- I made your list?!!! Get out- I LOVE YOU!!! And We will make this Happen IN VEGAS at YOUR WEDDING!!!!! Yes yes Yes!! I can't Wait!!! You made my day today Julie! Garsh- I am gushing and blushing with excitement over here!

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    This is a great idea–love your list. In my case it would have to be 60 before 60–that just sounds to big! Maybe 10 before 60 would be doable (I'm almost 57) what do you think??

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    I SO should do this. I just turned 27, so I have a few years, but I feel 30 creeping up on me. It'll be here before I know it! Ahhhh!

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    Great list! I need to make a 30 before 40 list. LOL. I will be 31 next month. It's kind of scary to think I will be 40 in 9 years. 30 wasn't bad at all but 40?!

    I would love to go to a Muse concert and go to Vegas again. I went when I was 20 but I'd like to go again now that I'm legal.

    Have a great day, Julie!


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    OMG You're making me feel old! I'm 45 this year and I need to make one for before 50 so beings as that's still 5 years away maybe I'll make a 50 by 50 🙂 I want to be in on the getting together too! Maybe a girls weekend in Vegas, hum??? Sounds good to me. Everyone needs to meet Jen in person! Have a great week

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