30 Before 30: Halfway Check-In

Can you believe it’s been 6 months?  
Today is the half way point to 30 – to the day.  
So let’s check in and see how the 30 Before 30 list is going!



  1. Starting playing my viola a whole lot more
  2. Make over the dining room set
  3. Start eating more vegetables
  4. Finish my back tattoo (see #10)
  5. Home brew beer
  6. Go see Jen from Four Marrs and One Venus  {in the works}
  7. Learn to play pool well
  8. Go to Las Vegas (see #15 and #26)
  9. Make a gallery wall
  10. Get my weight down to at least 185 pounds  The new goal is 165 pounds (that’ll leave only 10 pounds to my goal)
  11. Decorate a cake with fondant
  12. Sew myself an outfit and a dress – wear them
  13. Put together a hard cover cookbook
  14. Eat at a food truck
  15. Go to a Muse concert  {They’re playing Vegas for St. Patty’s Day, two birds?}
  16. Buy my own .com
  17. Be a red head again
  18. Have professional family pictures taken – so I can finally be in the picture too
  19. California Vacation (see #6)
  20. Pay off my credit cards – one down, one to go!
  21. Have a kick ass 30th birthday party
  22. Go to a wine or beer dinner
  23. Become really good at making Macarons
  24. Attend a blog conference  {I’ve gone to one already and will attending #2 later this month!}
  25. Start saving for our trip to Scotland/Ireland
  26. Get married (at least engaged) – yes, I’m ready to threaten Mike with this
  27. Design a photo index for all my blog posts {I made one using inlinkz and then revamped manually > tutorial HERE}
  28. Eat at a high end restaurant
  29. Build a light box {Tutorial coming Jan 21st}
  30. Buy a DSLR camera
That’s 11 down, and 19 to go.
Yikes!! Looks like I need to go into hyper drive for the next 6 months. Wish me luck!


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