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It’s been an interesting week.  We all caught the stomach bug that’s been going around.  Boo.  I even had to stay home from work Saturday.  Thing 1 got the worst of it, was sick for 3 days and ended up at urgent care because I couldn’t do anything else for him. 

Craziness.  On the bright side I came up with a new awesome cookie recipe that I’ll be sharing on Sunday!  Oh my gosh.  It’s SOOOOO freakin’ good I can’t wait.  My entire training class says they will testify to the yummy factor.  Tomorrow we start taking phone calls at work.  As in real people calling in.  No more role playing and training wheels on.  The real deal.  I’m excited and a little nervous.  But that’s healthy.  If I felt totally confident I would really be worrying about myself.  🙂

Strange Movies I Adore

Party Monster


Rocky Horror Picture Show 
but who doesn’t love rocky?

The Dreamers

The City of the Lost Children

American Psycho
LOVE Love love this movie

All of these movies are kind of out there, fair warning.


  1. says

    Party Monster is so good! Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green, drugs, sex, junkie apartments. Good stuff. And speaking of the Culkin boys, I highly recommend Igby Goes Down too.

  2. jennifer says

    Happy to testify…the cookies were amazing!!! Sorry it took me a few days to get online and check out your blog. It looks great!

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