The “100 Things” Challenge

Hey guys! Its Kate from Candidly Kate again.

I am always amazed at how much stuff we acquire. I have no idea where it comes from. Maybe it is a product of having kids around? Or maybe that is just my excuse! At the same time, I like to think that I am a fairly organized person. Most of the things in our home have a place.

But, occasionally I get “the bug”. I have a very strong urge to get rid of stuff. And when that happens, I just go with it. And it’s very rare that I regret it. This past year, when I got “the bug”, I decided to challenge myself to get rid of 100 things. I first did it when we moved out-of-state, but I have done it since and it feels so good. It is much easier to organize, clean, and keep things tidy when you are not working with so much stuff. I actually keep a really quick list or count of what I have gotten rid of and it amazes me how easy it is to find 100 things that we don’t need anymore.

So, before the craziness of the holidays kicks in, I am ready to do it again. Want to join me?


If you have no idea where to start, pick a room. Closets are good (time to get rid of that pair of shoes that you haven’t worn in years…). The kitchen is even better (do you really need seventeen spatulas?). Or how about that toy room (are all of those small weird toys really from happy meals?). And if you are any thing like me, you could get rid of about 1,000 extra pens you have hanging around your office!

Here are a few places that I found a lot of stuff to get rid of:


  • Unused hangers
  • Shoes you haven’t worn in ages
  • That shirt (or 20) that is way to small/big/stretched out/stained
  • Ties that are never worn
  • Unmatched/unworn/old socks (you know…the ones with holes in the bottom)
  • Panty hose/tights that you can’t stand wearing
  • Lingerie (ahem…) that you never use any more


  • Sheets (how do I actually acquire sheets that fit none of the beds we own?)
  • Books you haven’t read in ages
  • Old magazines
  • Any of that stuff that is shoved under the bed


  • One million pens/pencils/crayons/etc.
  • Rubber bands (another thing that seems to multiply!)
  • Office supplies that you don’t use


  • Pyrex pans (am I the only one that has a million of these?)
  • Large utensils
  • Cleaning supplies that you don’t use
  • Plastic bags from the grocery store
  • Vases


  • Old towels
  • Old makeup

So maybe that gives you a few places to start. My pile is already started and growing quickly!

Ready? Set? Go!

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  1. says

    Good luck! I cleaned out my closet and donated most of the clothes, I hardly ever wore them. It feels like I’m always at work or in yoga pants. Hah.

    • says

      I seriously could too. My goal for (early 2015 – hopefully pre-wedding) is to get our office set up, and find out if that window gives me good enough light to shoot in there. 🙂

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