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I’m really excited to share a couple big announcements with you all today.  First – I’m starting a second website!  It will be called AND NOW FOR A LITTLE COLOR.  White Lights on Wednesday is going to be my commercial site and still be full of food recipes and DIY stuff and the usual.  The new site will be a lot more of my creative side.  Music I’m loving.  Movies I can’t wait to see or have seen 5 billion times.  Photographs I’m loving.  Art.  Design Inspiration.  All the pretty things I love.  I’m going to start letting my brain spill out a little more.  And I have one of my favorite graphic designers – Maddie from Maddie Richardson – making me some killer graphics for the new site.

Wedding Of

Second – WLOW is getting a big ol’ make over.  With the launch of a sister site I wanted to freshen things up around here and rebrand things a bit.  The new look should be ready around of April and it’s going to be AWESOME!  I was lucky enough to snag Elizabeth from Morrow Studios.  She is a killer designer.  The new site will be my first ground up site build = no child theme, but a custom theme built to the design.  Eeeeeeee!

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Okay, onto the printables!  In planning the wedding I bought 2 different sets of wedding planning printables.  While they were both great, neither quite had just what I needed in one place.  So I took inspiration from them both, and whipped up my own set of Wedding Planning Printables.  These bad boys are full of bright colors to keep you happy – cause lord knows brides need to be happy when planning a wedding.  They cover everything from budget to ceremony to reception to guest list to music planning to a full 12 month timeline of what you may need to get done.

Bridal Party

It doesn’t matter if you’re going super traditional (which to be honest, these printables are a little more along the traditional wedding lines) or having an offbeat wedding, these printables will help you remember the little things and get you through the process with a lot less stress.  I printed them all out, shoved them in my big ass wedding binder, and got to writing.  Each of the individual item planners (stationery, flowers, photography, decorations, etc.) we given their own page protector (see: not double sided) so I could stick inspiration pictures in the pocket.  It’s worked out so great.


Download my FREE wedding planning printables HERE.

31-Page Wedding Planner Printables Set | White Lights on Wednesday


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