Some Wedding Deets & We’re Normal?

I bought my first wedding magazines on Tuesday.  I wasn’t going to buy any magazines, but they were for local vendors and I need ideas.  I feel like I have no idea who’s out there.  Thank goodness for friends who have gotten married in the last year or two.  They’re finding their vendor info and helping me muddle through this all.  I know there are 14 months to go, but I totally need to wrap my head around all of this before things get serious.  Did you know you’re supposed to start your serious wedding stuff with 12 months to go?  And this means I basically have 6 months to get my butt to the gym and get closer to my wedding weight before dress shopping.  Ewww.  I don’t do the gym.  Maybe I’ll hunt down that Jillian Michael’s DVD I have instead.  :)

Since I’m super a litte wedding crazy in my head, I thought it might be fun to see where we fit in with the average couple getting married.  Turns out for we’re pretty normal.  Haha.  If you can call us that.  I mean really, how fun are infographics?!?

Deets to know:

We’ll have a 15 month engagement.  We’re getting married in March, on a Saturday.  The colors are green and silver.  And we’re hoping to sneak away to Vegas for a weekend honeymoon.  I live 6 hours away and still haven’t been since I’ve been 21.  What’s that about?!?

Wedding Paper Divas Road to Bliss Inforgraphic


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    Congratulations Julie!! This year I will celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary (which makes me feel ridiculously old), and still I get GIDDY about the idea of wedding planning, so keep an eye out for me because I am about to become your full on bloggy wedding stalker :)

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    I don’t do gyms either but I buckled and got a membership because it’s minus 30 degrees outside (in Celsius so I think that’s 30 degrees F) and thus I can’t go outside. But my gym offers Jillian Michaels classes. FOR REALS. She isn’t there, but it’s got the vibe :) Good luck to you in your planning efforts! I want to read the infographic but John is sitting right beside me and I don’t want him to think I’m pressuring him…. (I totally am)… xoxox!

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      Hahaha! Read it! :) Just tell him infographics always suck you in. I used to have a gym membership, and I went to a weekly class for 2 months and then stopped. I let the membership run for months just because I didn’t want to deal with going in to cancel. I’m horrible about gyms.

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    HAHAH! I love “I don’t do gyms” and my Jillian Michaels DVD is still in the wrapper- I purchased it probably 6 months ago, so if you can’t find yours- I know exactly where mine is and I am happy to send it your way.

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      Haha. My DVD sat in the wrapper for at least 2 months when I got it. I’ve done the workout once. *sigh* At least at the new house I’ll have a front room so the boys wont be a foot away from me while I try to workout. That’s my biggest hold back while Mike’s at work, the kids are RIGHT there and I’m afraid I’ll backhand then with a hand weight. :) I’ll let you know if my DVD disappears during the move.

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    Holy infographics, Julie! Congrats! Just do what we did. ELOPE! *snort* It was SO STRESS FREE!

    Just remember, it’s YOUR wedding and it shouldn’t stress you out. It should be FUN! When you start to get stressed, just think of some outrageous wedding ideas and have a good laugh. Or some bizaaro tux color combos. Maybe retro powder puff blue? Hopefully, it will get ya giggling and you’ll clear your head of the stress.

    As for the gym? He’s marrying for you. Not what your wedding weight. Just saying…


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      Thanks Christie! :) I seriously thought about just running away to Vegas for the weekend and then having a reception at home, but it won’t really be that much more to have the ceremony here if we’re doing a reception anyway. I’ve got some low cost ideas. I’m actually going to be setting up a friend’s website in trade for a cake, and using some other nifty tricks to keep costs down. I’m looking forward to everything and we have lots of time. If I get too stressed I’ll Mike I quit and he has to figure it out. The look alone should make me laugh enough to be good to go. Haha.

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