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Are you dying of heat?  I know we are.  Arizona is just brutal in the summer.  I will say I’m grateful it’s not humid though.  I’m about to enter into that world next month when we go to my SIL’s wedding in Minnesota.  I haven’t been in the mid-west for a summer in 10 years.

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Over the years we’ve practically become experts in beating the heat.  Indoor picnics, swimming, living room forts, anything to keep the boys out of the heat and happy.  But of course our favorite way to stay cool is to grab some ice cream or popsicles out of the freezer and camp out in front of a fan.  Ice cream is the perfect way to break up those “cabin fever” days.


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Choosing a favorite ice cream is practically impossible, but we do have some favorites that we always end up buying through out the summer.


Mike’s favorite are Klondike, espcailly the Heath ones.  He’s a die hard Heath guy.  It’s his go to blizzard flavor.  The nice thing about Klandike bars is that he gets all hte Heath & ice cream flavor he’s cravings without going out in the middle of the day to roast.


Unilever Ice Cream 4


Mike’s second favorite is a Good Humor bar.  Mmmm…Chocolate Eclaire.  But we were dumb founded when we didn’t spot any at Target.  But fear not.  Did you know Good Humor makes candy bar ice creams.  Mounds, York Peppermint Patty, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  There was no question that we were getting Reese’s.  We used to love the fact that the boys couldn’t have peanut butter for the first two years.  Halloween was awesome for us; snickers and Reese’s PB cups all over the place!  The Reese’s peant butter ribbons in this ice cream is SO FREAKING GOOD!  I didn’t share the box.  Mike has his Klondike bars anyway.


Reese's PB Cup


The boys L-O-V-E Popsicle.  Pretty much any flavor makes them happy.  The mini popsicles were perfect when Eddie was younger.  There was less for them to get through = less dripping on the floors.  Now they freak out for the Marvel popsicles.  This time around we grabbed the Jolly Rancher popsicles.  Guess what.  They taste just like a Jolly Rancher.  They boys love the multiple colors and the fruity, tart flavor.

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If you’ve never had Magnum Ice Cream , you my friend are missing out.  We got the Magnum Gold Bars.  Yes please!  The bars are vanilla bean ice cream with salted caramel swirls and a golden chocolate coating.  They were really really good.


Unilever Ice Cream 5


I have been a fan of Breyers since WAY back.  The mint chocolate has always been my favorite.  It’s so fresh and minty.  I just love it.  But since I’m an awesome girlfriend, I let Mike pick the Breyers this time.  He grabbed the Oreo Cookies and Cream, which everyone in my house goes gaga for.  Dad win!


The Fruttare bars were totally new to me.  I had seen commercials, but never tried them.  Since I’m a bit of a mango nut, there was no question which flavor to choose.  That, and Mike doesn’t like strawberry anything – weirdo.  The mango bars are packed full of fruit flavor and they


Since I’m sure you’re all drooling and wishing you had some ice cream in your hand, I’ve got a ltitle treat for you.  I’m giving away 6 coupons to try each of the Unilever ice cream products we’re loving.  You get to pick your flavors, but I’ve got products coupons to try them all for free!


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