The Best of 2012 Pinfest

Happy New Year!!!
Are you ready for Pin-fest?!?!
We are going to have soooooo much fun!  The wonderful Melissa from Serendipity & Spice asked me and couple other lovely ladies to co-host and we are ready to PARTY!!!
Alright, so, if you’ve never been to Pinfest before here’s the deal:
  • Link up your #1 post from 2012 (we’re doing the whole year instead of just December)
  • Choose wisely because you can only link up ONE post (additional posts will be deleted)
  • Follow each of your hostesses on Pinterest
  • Then get to pinning!  Pin at least 3-5 other posts or pin them all!  Each hostess will have a board that every post will be pinned to!  Have FUN!
We can’t wait to see what was your BEST OF THE BEST for 2012!


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