Swap Ideas Day 2012

How fun is this holiday?  
An excuse to share ideas, more than usual, and find new inspiration.  


That’s about all the excuse I need to host a blog and Pinterest hop!  Better yet, I’ve got some totally awesome co-hosts from Yeung Mother Hubbard, Robyn’s View, and Harvest Moon by Hand joining in to spread the Swap Hop lovin’.   Link up your blog and/or Pinterest pages.  Pinterest is such a large source of idea mash ups and really gives you a feeling for the person you’re following.  As cool as Pinterest is, the heart of who we are can be found on our blogs.  So let’s make it happen y’all.  Spread the love, swap your ideas, and make some new friends!

**Please Note: There are 2 separate categories.  One for Pinterest Pages and one for your blog link.  Please link to your main blog page, not a specific post.**




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