Spring Flower Tower – Part 3 // Project Tips & Tricks

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Let’s get down and dirty with this project today.  It’s all well and good to use the provided directions and watch the Hot To video {twice like I did}, but things never seem to go as planned.  Especially when venturing into unknown territory.


First things first.  The shopping list for my Spring Flower Tower called for 4 foot tall YardGard galvanized wire.  Ummm….no.  I bought the 2 foot tall.  Could you imagine a 3 foot tall flower tower?  {1 foot ends up in the flower pot}


Flower Tower 11.5


When I started actually forming the “cage” for the tower structure the wire still fell WAY too tall.  So I clipped it down to about a foot and a half tall.  Just use your tinner’s snips along the smaller squares to shorten things up.


Flower Tower 20


Getting the cylinder formed for the vertical garden base is easy enough.  I did have a few zip tie heads pop off as I tightened things down, but they were acceptable casualties.  There were plenty of zip ties in the bag and the fact that I’m too much woman for a few ties is okay with me.


Flower Tower 19


I think the biggest challenge was really the potting of the flowers.  The Home Depot Garden Club instructions show/tell you to fill your completed tower structure all the way with potting soil.  Stop.  Don’t do it that way – I did and things could have been a million times easier if I did this instead.


Flower Tower 29


See this guy?  Fill him about 1/3 full.  Above the pot line and enough potting soil to cover where the bottom row of your flowers is going to go.  Water like the instructions tell you.  Cut holes in the landscaping fabric.  Insert your flowers.  Being able to grab the flower roots from the inside of the tower to help pull them through and really secure them in is amazingly helpful.  I was able to do this with the very top of my tower.  About half way through the project, I regretting not giving myself the same option the whole time I was potting.  Work smarter not harder.


Flower Tower 35


Add some more potting soil, water a little, cut some holes in the landscape fabric, add flowers, repeat until your tower is full of soil and flowers.  It’s a little more work as you go, but it makes the overall process so much easier.


See full instructions for this project HERE.

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