Spring Flower Tower – Part 2 // How Fun is Shopping at Home Depot?!?

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Happy Saturday everyone!  Ready to get some more deets on a great weekend project?


Flower Tower 39.5


Eddie and I had a great time making our Spring Flower Tower, but to be honest I was a little weary when I got the assignment.  I mean, the How-To video made it look simple enough, but I’ve always been a little intimidated by Home Depot.  There is just so much stuff.  I don’t always know what I’m looking for or more importantly what it’s called.  I’m that person saying, “You know what part the goes under the sink and holds the sprayer?  That’s what I need.  Ours broke.”  Lucky for me Home Depot employees are pretty darn nice and dont’ look at me like I’m totally crazy.


During the making of our flower tower, I checked by on the How-To video and the instructions I printed out from the Garden Club website.  I wasn’t about to drag two kids to the store with me to consult the garden center guys – too much work.  But I did have a few questions while we were shopping for our supplies.  It went a little something like this…


Guess where we started.  The obvious place!

Flower Tower 2


The garden center takes you into a room for indoor plants and potting soil first.

I knew our flower tower was going outside, so I took a quick look around and got the lay of the land.  Potting soil was on my shopping list after all.


Flower Tower 3

Flower Tower 4



When I looked right, I saw what would become an endless selection of flower pots to choose from.

Flower Tower 5


I made Mike pick out a pot.  There were too many I liked and, well, it’s his house too.  I guess.  He should like what’s hanging out on the front patio.

Flower Tower 6


After picking out our pot, we headed to the main gardening area, AKA outside plants and more, only to find tons more flower pots.  But Mike held to his original choice, even if we did window shop a little.

Flower Tower 7


I had no idea what flowers I was going to choose yet, so we did a quick pass and started looking for the construction items on our list.

Flower Tower 8


We found the landscape fabric, gloves, and garden spade/trowel in the garden section.

Flower Tower 9

I saw formed trellises that were similar to the YardGard galvanized wire called for on my shopping list, but not the product I had seen in the video.  Something I could form to fit the size I need by hand.

A very nice gentleman saw me looking all Little Girl Lost and offered some assistance   I told him what I needed and found out I needed to hit up Building & Lumber to find what I needed.

Flower Tower 11

And there is was!

The 4 foot YardGard was SUPER tall for the pot we picked.  I downsized and chose the 2 foot tall YardGard instead – it felt a lot less overwhelming.

But where was I going to find those darn Tinner’s Snips?

Oh!  Right with the YardGard.


Easy to find and smart product placement are musts for this girl.

I don’t want to look too novice level walking around with 3 men.

{and they were BOGO!}

Flower Tower 12

Then we went hunting for the zip ties.

They weren’t where we were thinking they might be, but a quick question to a nice employee and we found them.

Flower Tower 13

After we had all the “nuts and bolts” for the project, we went back to the garden center to pick out the flowers.

Flower Tower 10

I had seen some yellow and reddish-orange flowers {marigolds} I thought would match the flower pot Mike chose.  But I needed a little more volume to the flowers and more color variety, so we got some white petunias too.

Otto chimed in that he wanted to get the purple flowers (petunias) too.

Who am I to deny my biggest little man getting all excited and giving me his sweetest please face?  Okay, I’m a push over.  Purple flowers it is.

Purple and yellow are good contrast colors anyway.  So there.

We took our goods up to the counter, paid with our eGift Card, and went on our way home.

Flower Tower 14

I ended up really loving this flower combination.

A few different textures, lots of different colors, nice and bright for spring.

And Otto was happy.  That’s important too.

Flower Tower 15

The supplies were all pretty easy too find, even with having to ask.

I was given good directions or shown where the things I needed were in the store.

There were a few items we could have skipped buying.

Mike already had gloves, but I wanted my own pair.

He said he had the Tinner’s Snips (that I’ve never seen), but they were BOGO so I got them anyway.

I totally forgot to buy the ultility knife and ended up using a steak knife from my kitchen.

No harm done.

There is a ton of landscape fabric and galvanized wire on the rolls we bought.

It’s just how they come.  These were also the two most expensive items we bought for this project.

Now I’m looking for other things to make with these products.

Getting group together to make a bunch flower towers for yourselves or as gifts or both would be a great way to share the cost and make the purchase of these products worth while.

I’m thinking Mother’s Day.


See full project instructions HERE.

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