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Oh my gosh y’all.  My bloggy BFF Jen totally hooked me up.  Kelsey from Tattered & Inked has put together this wicked fun Splish Splash Blog Bash.  I first saw Kesley’s blog at my first blog hop.  I had no idea what a blog hop was at that point.  I processed Tattered & Inked to be a tattoo reference initially, don’t ask me why.  Maybe the ink in my skin is going to my brain.  Haha.  But I loved her blog!  I all but harassed Kelsey for her phone number to say YES to being a part of such a cool {get it, summer, cool} event.

All week I, along with a great group of ladies, will be sharing my summer favorites summer favorites, and to top off this awesome sauce sundae…an EPIC giveaway.  Total score!  Be sure to check out all the blogs participating in the blog bash.  I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store.

Splish Splash Blog Bash


Kelsey from
Tattered & Inked

Jen from Four Marrs and One Venus < My bloggy BFF
Natalie from A Turtle’s Life for Me < I totally HEART Natalie
Reannah from Shaped by Grace
Jessica from Mom 4 Real
Elyse from Shabby Sweet Tea
Laurie from Gallamore West

Today’s Summer Topic – Summer Faves.  An interview.  Oh NO!!

Kelsey wants to know, what’s your favorite…

Summer Drink
There are these drinks called a Sunburn at The Pointe South Mountain that are insane.  {don’t ask how I got into the pool area, with flags on your chair and waiters that bring you a drink while you tan.  oh yeah!}  I know the cocktail has something to do with Mango and an Oasis Machine, but I’ve forgotten the details, but the drink is burned into my memory.  Option B, since I’m not in the habit of visiting luxury resorts every weekend, Sapphire Collins.  Super light, super yummy, and perfectly refreshing.  Recipe because I love you and want you to be happy.  I thought I hated gin before I had this drink. I was wrong.

Sapphire Collins

2 ounces Bombay Sapphire gin
Fresh juice from 1/2 a lemon
3/4 ounce simple syrup
Soda water
Lemon slice, for garnish

Pour gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a Collins glass; stir to combine.  Fill glass with ice and top with soda water.  Stir to combine and garnish with lemon slice.

Summer Vacation
I love going to California in the summer.  It used to be an annual road trip with my mom at least once during the summer to head out.  I feel like I get a part of myself back when I’m in Cali.  The vibes are good, the people are great, and my favorite cousin lives there.  Can’t go wrong with that.  
Speaking of…Jen, we need to figure out a date.  I need a sabatical and we need to meet in person!
Summer Color(s)
Blue. I’m not into pinks and corals and stuff.  Blue makes me think of the pool, which means I’m not sweating my butt off in the 115 degree + weather.
Summer Activity
Hibernating indoors.  I swear it’s too hot to do anything outside unless you’re required to by law.  You know, buy groceries to feed the kids…silly stuff that people make a big deal out of.  😉  But seriously, we have a lot of summer birthdays in the family.  We have a great time seeing everyone and taking a break from work and craziness to let the kids play, catch up, and eat.
Summery Snack
Big Stick Popsicles and Fudgesicles.  I’ve loved them since I was a kid.  My elementary school used to sell Popsicles after school was out and I would help.  My payment – 1 Popsicle of my choice.  What fifth grade wouldn’t say yes?
Summer Movie
The Sandlot.  It’s like the best summer movie ever.  I wish things were still like that.  All the neighborhood kids played together.  Baseball was god.  You grew up with your friends, getting into to trouble…but it was good clean trouble, not like the crazy stuff that goes on now.  Anywho, I’d pickle the beast!
Summer Game
This is so bad, hehe.  Marco Polo.  Are we seeing a water trend here?  All the other goofy stuff like Twister has to wait until the boys are a little bigger and I don’t have such unfair reach advantage.
Summer Song
I feel like I should pick something with summer in the name, but that’s not going to happen.  I’m thinking Highway 101 by Social Distortion.  I love blasting this song in the car.  
Summer Fruit
Strawberries.  Mmmm.  Mike hates them, which means more for me!
Summer Flip Flops
Women's Merona® Emeline Sandal - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
I bought my first big girl pair of sandals from Target earlier this month.  I’ve been wearing flip flops forever.  I’m really into being barefoot.  If the ground didn’t get so hot (or cold) and have gross stuff on it, I’d live barefoot…but I can’t.  So here are my sandals and I love them.
They’re actually metallic gold on the under side of the black.  Super fun!


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    Oh girl, we have tons in common 🙂 I'm so glad you're partying with all of us this week!! I bought those sandals in white and seriously wear them every day. I need to chill out on it. Annnd I just told Jen that we needed to run away to the beach- girlie vacation?? yes please! And, um, running to get the things to make that amazing drink you shared…just sayin'. It's 104 here and I'm dyyyyyying.

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    Hooray!! I love your summer faves! And OMG — I love Social D!! LOL That is so cool that you come over to CA for vacation — if you have a so cal summer meet up with Jen – let me know!!! We're close! You can make us that Saphire Collins, we can sit with our toes in the sand and talk about the good 'ol days. 😉 xoxo

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    Yay! Gin is a total summer booze (gin and tonic, gimlet, and Sapphire Collins, among others) and also, The Sandlot IS the greatest summertime movie. Great choice! 😀

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    Holy heck… who can hate strawberries??? I can see being allergic and wishing you could eat them but being allowed to eat them and hating them??!! That shouldn't be allowed! Both those drinks sound fabulous and you'll have to make me one when you come visit (hint, hint)! And seriously, I don't know how you do it in that heat… although the humidity out here is absurd!

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